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Kevin Smith came to the attention of fans everywhere 20 years ago with Clerks, a movie he made for a fistful of credit cards and shot in black and white at the convenience store he worked at. Money is no object for Smith, but you still need the cash to make a movie, even a low budget one, and earlier this year, Smith’s normal benefactors at the Weinstein Company took a pass on a third edition of Clerks. So will we ever find out what happened to Randall and Dante following the end of Clerks II when they bought the Quick Stop? Well, things are looking up Clerks fans because Smith is bragging now that financing for Clerks III has been secured, and it’s all thanks to Smith’s last effort, a movie about a man that turns a hapless victim into a walrus. Oh yeah, spoiler alert! (more…)


After numerous delays and the threat of a Weinstein-supervised trim to appease fly-over state audiences in America, Bong Joon-ho’s Snowpiercer is finally primed to be released into American theaters in its original cut. To hype the film up (and ride on the coattails of star Chris Evans’ recent mega-hit Captain America: The Winter Soldier), The Weinsteins have smartly released a new red-band trailer, highlighting some of the picture’s nastier moments.



While we live in a world where any franchise follows the five second rule (and the 2008 TV reboot definitely landed butter side down*) it should come as no surprise that we are nearing another Knight Rider reboot. To be honest, we’ve known about this since last summer when the LA Times reported that Brad Copeland was tapped to give the buddie-buddie/car-mullet combo a fresh coat of paint, and it was assumed since Copeland (who has worked on Arrested Development) was in charge that this new Knight Rider would have a comedic take. Hey, it worked for 21 Jump Street right?

Well a casting rumor, and I stress, RUMOR floated across the internet about who could be cast in movie and well, it does look like they are joking. Please let them be joking. Hit the jump to see who could be your new Micheal Knight/KITT team. (more…)


By far, Snowpiercer is one of the more original movies coming our way this year – hopefully – which is why it’s a downright shame The Weinstein Company and director Bong Joon-ho can’t resolve their differences over the U.S. release. This is especially aggravating when you consider the film released in Bong’s home country, South Korea last fall and to plenty of other, non-English speaking countries after that. And even more so when we’re continuously teased with sweet trailers like this one, (more…)


We’ve recently received word via the L.A Times that Brad Copeland: Writer of the 2007 comedy Wild Hogs, but best known for his work on the Firefly of sitcoms: Arrested Development (kudos to Netflix for bringing it back from the grave, btw), will be writing a cinematic adaptation of the ’80s-tastic action series Knight Rider for The Weinstein Company.

The original series, which lasted from 1982 to 1986, starred David Hasselhoff and a talking Trans Am. Together they cruised across the country, do-gooding in whatever small towns were too broke to hire The A-Team.

An atrocious 2008 reboot mercifully lasted only a single season. It’s too soon to say what direction the film will take the concept, but Knight Rider was the kind of show that could only be done seriously in the ’80s: In the “Twenty-Teens” (or whatever else they’re going to end up calling this decade), I could really only see it working as a tongue-in-cheek satire….in the manner of the recent 21 Jump Street adaptation.

But whether it’s played straight or for laughs, there damn well better be some Hoff up in there! That’s what killed the 2008 series (well, that and sucking copious ass)–no Hoff….

How can you even think of doing anything with Knight Rider in the title without sufficient Hoff?

As per usual, we’ll be bringing you further updates as they are made available: Same Hoff time, same Hoff channel.

Source: Screenrant

Based on the traditional Chinese “wuxia” (martial arts and chivalry) genre, Ang Lee’s Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon was praised for it’s story, cinematography and mind-blowing martial arts sequences. Now the long-awaited and long-rumored sequel could finally be shooting as early as May, thanks to Sony and the Weinstein Company having cleared up their battle over the rights to the source material.

You see, just because your company is in the middle of court doesn’t mean you can’t plan for the future. The studio has been ready for years and already have themselves a script developed thanks to writer John Fusco. The new movie would be based on the book Iron Knight, Silver Vase, the fifth of five books in the Crane-Iron pentalogy by Wang Du Lu. Thus, it would be a continuation of the story of Yu Shu Lien, played by Michelle Yeoh in the first flick (which was based on the fourth book). Read on after the jump.


‘Fraggle Rock’ Movie Moving Ahead

 Jim Henson’s other puppet related show, Fraggle Rockhas been in production hell since it was optioned as a film back in 2005. It’s been moved from studio to studio.The Weinstein’s were the last ones messing around with it. Today however,  Deadline has reported that New Regency, the same studio behind the revived Alvin and the Chipmunks franchise, has won the rights to bring the Henson property to theaters. The Jim Henson Company and the Montecito Picture Company are serving as producers on the project.

Fraggle Rock first premiered on HBO in 1983, and ran for five seasons. The story followed “puppet characters Gobo, Wembley, Mokey, Boober and Red, who lived in Fraggle Rock. They interacted with humans who thought they were aliens.” Currently, there is no word on whether the film will continue the use of actual puppets like The Muppets or be a mixture of  CG and live action filming. A writer is being sought now to properly craft the story.

Fraggle Rock was a little after my time. Still, I’ve loved what little I’ve seen over the years. Much like the Muppets, the fraggles have a HUGE cult following. Fan or no fan, I don’t think anyone wants this franchise to get the Alvin and the Chipmunks treatment (shit script/director, poor vision). Personally, I think only Brian Henson has any business directing this.

Best to see how well The Muppets does.

Via: Deadline

At least this is what The New York Times is reporting today. Every year at San Diego Comic-Con the stars and fans mingle on the show room floor among Princess Leias and dozens of whomever’s the most popular superhero. Some fans had begun complaining about the large Hollywood presence but even among such complaints Comic-Con’s attendance only grows. Every one wants to see the sneak peak of an upcoming can’t miss film, but you might not have the chance this year.

Apparently, Warner Bros., Disney, Dreamworks and The Weinstein Company have no plans of attending Comic-Con. This would mean big ticket items like The Dark Knight Rises, Superman and John Carter of Mars would have no professional presence at the con. Outrageous! There’s even talk of Marvel not making an appearance to promote their films which I find highly, highly unlikely. This would mean no chance of seeing anything from The Avengers!

For years we had through Comic-Con was a jumping off point for many of these films; this was where they built buzz. What’s the cause for this change in tune? It’s us. The fans who generate the buzz, because sometimes we don’t create the kind of buzz studios want to hear. This is from the report in The New York Times,

Comic-Con, as a growing number of movie marketers are realizing, has turned into a treacherous place. Studios come seeking buzz, but the Comic-Con effect can be more negative than positive. The swarm of dedicated fans — many of whom arrive at the convention in Japanese anime drag or draped in Ewok fur — can instantly sour on a film if it doesn’t like what it sees, leaving publicity teams with months of damaging Web chatter to clean up.

Well, how about you make better movies, Hollywood. That seems to be the obvious answer. Often what I see happening is a movie will score big with the geek demographic, the fans at Comic-Con, but not with the general movie-going public. Take Scott Pilgim vs The World for example, not a single person I knew who went and saw the film in theatres was dissapointed. Problem is, I can count those people on one hand. Not getting the general public excited about your movie seems like Marketing’s fault, doesn’t it?

Thankfully, none of this is set in stone as Comic-Con won’t announce the final schedule until two weeks prior to the convention so movie studios have a chance to change their minds. And even if Warner Bros. and Marvel bail, Sony Pictures, Universal Pictures, Fox and Paramount still have plans to appear and share some awesomesauce from The Amazing Spider-man, Cowboys & Aliens, and Rise of the Planet of the Apes. It’s rumored even Steven Spielberg will make an appearance to promote The Adventures of Tin Tin: The Secret of the Unicorn.

Even if some big name studios decide to pass on Comic-Con I wouldn’t expect it to be a big bust. Plenty of nerdy crap will be revealed and you’ll have just as good a chance of nailing some drunken cosplayer. But does this news put a bit of a damper on your Comic-Con festivities?

sources: GeekTyrant, TheMarySue


The big screen adaptation of Fraggle Rock has been kicking around pre-production hell for some time now. Why it hasn’t made any progress I don’t know, now is the time to adapt properties from the 80s, everyone else is. But it seems if we have anyone to blame it’s The Weinstein Company. Cory Edwards is attached to direct the Fraggle Rock movie and he’s made a post on his blog explaining the delay,

Many, many, many of you have repeatedly asked for some kind of update on the Fraggle Rock movie. The truth is, I got nothin’. There’s nothing to report except that The Weintstein Company has everything they need to move forward, and the ball is in their court. They’ve talked about getting a new writer, which I’m willing to do. They’ve talked about starting over from scratch, which I’m willing to do. But I have not heard a peep from their camp in almost a year. I completely sympathize with all of you that are waiting for a movie, but let’s all remember that the next best thing to making a Fraggle movie is avoiding making a BAD ONE. So at least we’re doing that. Until something new happens to awaken the project from its deep coma, we can at least enjoy the untainted TV series on DVD and The Hub Network. As for me, I’m already working on new things. I hope you’ll stick around and check in here… I’ll be announcing my next project very, very soon.

It’s also possible The Weinstein Company is waiting to see how Edward’s next film, Hoodwinked Too! a sequel to his the first Hoodwinked film he directed, performs before they make a final decision to go forward. Or maybe they’re waiting to see is Disney’s upcoming Muppet movie starring Jason Segal is a hit before they decide to make their own puppet movie. Who knows, it’s Hollywood and the logical answer is rarely the right answer.

I’d be thrilled to see a Fraggle Rock movie but I also fear they’d just muck it up. Fraggle Rock is brilliant as it is and attempting to gear it for more mature audience will only ruin it. Sadly, I’m sure to be in the minority because not making a Fraggle Rock movie also does not make money. In the meantime you can enjoy classic Fraggle Rock on channels like The Hub, so we’ve go that going for us, right?

source: /Film