The wizarding world of Harry Potter pictures


A few days ago we posted a series of photos from the grand opening of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universe Studios in Florida. If pictures of the event weren’t enough to get your wands at the ready (penis innuendo haha) then perhaps some video footage will “expelliarmus” a load from your pants (or as the brits say: Knickers).

After the jump you’ll find video footage from last weeks grand opening.

Well, the tour is great and all, you should take note of the something rather interesting. In the first video Harry Potter himself, Daniel Radcliffe appears to use actual magic to make some fireworks go off. What?!?!? The kid from Equus knows REAL witchcraft? Why is he not being burned at the stake? (ok, sorry. This is my sad attempt at sarcasm. Did it work?)

On a side note: The park, or rather addition to the ‘Islands of Adventure’ at Universal Studios is of course astonishing and we know you want to go but you should probably wait a few months for all the excitment to calm down. Unless of course you don’t mind waiting 6 hours to buy a $15 goblet of butterbeer. Is your wallet and your time really worth all the magic?