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Right now, we are caught in that lackadaisical time between Christmas and New Years Eve — December’s perineum, if you will — and during that time we are duty bound to justify our existence and mine for web traffic by pausing for a moment of reflection on the year that was. And so, this year as a direct result of that mandatory reflective period, we have complied the most important listicle of the year — a listicle about listicles that also features its own lists! It’s Listageddon! It’s Listapalooza!

Oh yes, this list of lists with other lists has every list your pig eyes could ever want to see in a list! Movie lists, meme lists, dildo lists, knit lists, Alan Thicke lists, a podcast list, and a pie list that will buckle your knees! Yes, it’s a veritable cheese wheel of pop culture and a bunch of other nerdy geeky dorkaliscious dweeberific nerdgasmy geekilingus dogshit for you to sift through while you sit on a toilet, play fantasy soccer, or do whatever it is that you do while reading these articles. List!

Warning: Clutch your pearls, there’s some adult material and a fuck-ton of cursing in this article.


Unless you’re The Punisher or Blade, you’re probably never going to get an R-rated movie based on your R-rated comic book exploits. C’est la vie, as they say on Earth. Obviously a movie about Ant-Man doesn’t immediately suggest the necessity for a more adult-friendly rating, a standard superhero PG-13 will do in a pinch, but considering that Ant-Man director Edgar Wright is well-known for his R-rated comedies, he is sort of reveling in the challenge of doing things in a moderately more family friendly way. (more…)


This time on The BastardCast, Jere… screw it. BATMAN FEVER! Ben Affleck is the latest actor to put on the cowl and Jeremy and Jason have armed themselves against the imposing waves of nerd hate to talk about the good, the bad, and the unknown regarding Warner Bros. shocking choice.

That’s not all! There’s other stuff to discuss like Sylvester Stallone’s possible Rambo return, the way that Mel Gibson may be curling his way back to legitimacy, a cell phone that goes up your butt (no, it’s not the platinum iPhone), and a robot stand-up comedian.

More? Fine! Jason yells about Steven Moffat’s comments about the Doctor’s regeneration limit, Katee Sackhoff wants to play Harley Quinn and Mark Wahlberg wants to play Iron Man, and a Canadian dentist wants to play God thanks to his pricey purchase of a John Lennon tooth and advances in Mammoth cloning.

We’ve also got Jason drooling all over The World’s End, Simon Pegg getting lippy about Star Trek fans, Sean Connery’s sad cinematic death, and for some reason, Jason adopts a Scottish accent for the last 7 minutes of the show.

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The BastardCast: We did not try to set Dick Van Dyke on fire.



The World’s End won’t be a classic in the way that Shaun of the Dead was — not yet, at least.

That film was a hilarious and fresh surprise. A zombie film with something to say that slammed a full needle of adrenaline past the breast plate of an arrested genre.

Science fiction doesn’t need that kind of boost — not entirely, at least. Over the last few years, we’ve had to endure a lot of crap (with more on the way), but we’ve also been blessed with Attack the Block, Moon, Elysium, Looper, Children of Men, Sunshine, and a handful of others.

These are smart and bold films with something to say and The World’s End belongs on that list. It may even belong on the top of it, but in that it isn’t going to save a dying genre and in that we expected this brilliance, it won’t likely become the cultural icon that Shaun has become.

Even though it’s a better movie.  (more…)


Simon Pegg has never held back when it comes to his personal disappointments in some of his favorite nerdy movies like the Star Wars prequels. Now the shoe seems to be on the other foot. Recently Star Trek Into Darkness was voted as the worst Star Trek movie of all time and Pegg isn’t happy about it. The subject came up during one of Pegg’s appearances pimping for his latest movie The World’s End and Pegg had this to say:

I think they haven’t had time to live with it. They haven’t had time to review it. I think there’s a degree of stuck-in-the-mud — there’s a faction within the “Star Trek” community of kind of like, “Well, I don’t want to watch anything anymore.” Which is fine. And, absolutely, they are entitled to that. You know, it’s not for them, really. It’s kind of for everyone.

Is that part of it? That it “used to be for us and now it’s not”?

A little bit. I think it’s like when you tire of an indie band that you love because, suddenly, they get a number one single. You don’t necessarily start disliking their music, but you stop liking them because you’re pissed off that they’re famous, or whatever. “Star Trek Into Darkness” is the most successful “Star Trek” movie ever made. It is, in terms of what it took at the box office and how many people went to see it. More people saw that film than any iteration of “Star Trek” that existed before. That is probably slightly annoying to some “Star Trek” fans — which I totally understand.

And you know what … it absolutely isn’t the worst “Star Trek” movie. It’s asinine, you know? It’s ridiculous. And frustrating, as well, because a lot of hard work and love went into that movie, and all J.J. wanted to do was make a film that people really enjoyed. So, to be subject to that level of sort of, like, crass [#@&!]-ing ire, I just say [#@&!] you.

What do you think? Is this the pot calling the kettle black? Pegg should understand exactly how those upset fans feel because he felt the same thing when the Star Wars Prequels came out. I want to ask Pegg about where the hell the colon went in the title, seriously, shouldn’t it be Star Trek: Into Darkness?

It’s all kinda fun though, it’s like some internet “Finger Gun” slow motion battle.

Via: Huffington Post


As director Edgar Wright makes the publicity rounds for The World’s End with Simon Pegg, he’s bound to get plenty of questions about his upcoming Marvel movie Ant-Man. The latest tidbit to come out is Wright’s take on the villain in the movie.

Many people first thought the creation and ultimate turn toward villainy for Ultron would be the main Ant-Man story line.  Of course this got shot to hell when the villain for The Avengers II, which comes out before Ant-Man, was revealed as Ultron.

What did Wright have to say about it all?

It was never in my script. Because even just to sort of set up what Ant-Man does is enough for one movie. It’s why I think “Iron Man” is extremely successful because it keeps it really simple. You have one sort of — the villain comes from the hero’s technology. It’s simple. So I think why that film really works and why, sometimes, superhero films fail — or they have mixed results — because they have to set up a hero and a villain at the same time. And that’s really tough. And sometimes it’s unbalanced.

Is Wright worried about overzealous fans calling him on certain aspects of his Ant-Man story or characterization?

I think there’s something in that it’s a lesser known character, there’s hopefully more license, for the one percent of people who are like, “Wait, Hank Pym would never do that!” there’s 99 percent going, “Who’s Hank Pym?” So, to me, the source material is great but it also frees you up to be like: I’m going to make a movie. The movie is not going to represent 50 years of Marvel comics because that’s impossible. But I’m going to make a 100 minute movie — or 110 minutes [laughs].

So if Ant-Man’s villain comes from his technology, which of his known enemies could it be once Ultron, arguably his greatest arch-enemy is taken out of the picture?


There’s Egghead, not really exciting movie material there though, he might be a great secondary villain.


What about Whirlwind? He might be a good choice, but does he have that big villain flair? Not really.


There’s Radioactive Man, he could work, but could he threaten the world?

I’d like to see Graviton. He could be a colleague of Pym when his power gaining accident occurs.


Franklin Hall is a physicist involved in an experiment in a private research facility in the Canadian Rockies. A mistake in Hall’s calculations causes graviton particles to merge with his own molecules, and Hall later discovers that he can mentally control gravity. Hall at first tries to hide his newfound ability, but becomes tempted by the potential power, and donning a costume adopts the alias “Graviton.”

Wright’s comments though make me think the villain might be new or another established villain that is not from the comic book Hank Pym’s past. If you open it up that far, the villain could be anyone.

Via: Comicbookmovie


Each and every week we scour the Internet for nothing but the best in nerdy art. We leave no digital stone unturned, we poke and prod every nook and cranny of the Interwebz. Why? Because we love you, and we love to bring you weekly feed of nerd art.

On with the dump!

Above: Move over Wolverine there’s another…Wolverine and he looks ready to star in a series of PG-13 Marvel movies. Created by artist Arthur Bozonnet this really cool character design for Wolverine is part Hugh Jackman, part badass and all kinds of awesome. Made for the Studio Hive production company these guys have one hell of an asset on their hands. [GeekTyrant]

Hit the jump for film noir Star Wars, Superman and more. (more…)

world's end poster

For those that couldn’t make it all the way to San Diego to enjoy the convention (you know, like pretty much all of us), the good folks over at GeekTyrant decided that they would record some of it for you.  Below, we have a nice, 45-minute video featuring The World’s End panel.  Check out the crew as they chat about the film, answer questions and be generally ridiculous in front of a mob of people.

And you can check out the film in its entirety when it hits the big screen on August 23rd of this year.


Thanks to GeekTyrant for helping to share the love.


Each and every week we scour the Internet for nothing but the best in nerdy art. We leave no digital stone unturned, we poke and prod every nook and cranny of the Interwebz. Why? Because we love you, and we love to bring you weekly feed of nerd art.

On with the dump!

Above: Based on classic Grant Wood painting “American Gothic”, but with a Warner Bros. twist, “Toontown Gothic” by Ian Glaubinger looks to bring back Who Framed Roger Rabbit‘s Jessica and Roger Rabbit. If there were more pieces of work in galleries like this you might see more people actually in galleries. [Comics Alliance]

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The summer movie season is often flooded with sequels, threequels and prequels. And while usually those movies feature comic book heroes and iconic sci-fi super villians, one of the most anticipated flicks is Edgar Wright‘s The World’s End. The third and final film of the writer/director’s Three Flavor’s Cornetto Trilogy, following Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, this one finds Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Martin Freeman, Rosamund Pike, Paddy Considine, and Eddie Marsan on a pub crawl so epic, it could mean the end of the world.

Six new character posters have been released, and as you’ll notice, each character is paired with a name from one of the pubs they’ll visit. Clever.

The World’s End releases stateside August 23rd!

Source: Bleeding Cool