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This week, the U.S. TV networks are presenting at the Upfronts, announcing their schedules for next season for TV viewers, but more importantly, TV advertisers. Now, you’d expect that a network would include one of the biggest hits of the season on their new schedule, but in this instance the hit we’re talking about is The X-Files. The return of X-Files was Fox‘s second biggest hit behind Empire this year, yet it was conspicuous by its absent from the schedule for next season (instead Prison Break gets the comeback slot). Don’t be conerned though, says Fox executives. The only think holding up more X-Files is the logistics of its stars and creators.  (more…)


With roles in The Flash, and the recent X-Files miniseries, not to mention The Tomorrow People, and a recurring part in Alcatraz, Robbie Amell has positioned himself well as a young actor interested in making himself a linchpin of nerd culture. Of course, it’s a family trade. His cousin Stephen Amell is TV’s Green Arrow on Arrow, and will be appearing as Casey Jones in this summer’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles sequel. Still, this Amell had much to talk about, a lot of Flash memories, a new project with his cousin launching Tuesday, and, of course, being Mulder Jr. (so to speak) on The X-Files. (more…)


Um…. What? Okay, so this is the episode we’ve been dreading, not just because it means we’ve reached the end of The X-Files’ abbreviated return to TV, but because it means going back to the rocky and wacko mythology that kicked it off to begin with. If there’s a single maddening aspect to “My Struggle II” it’s how rushed everything was; how just last week it was another day and another dollar for Mulder and Scully and everybody, and this week it all ends up $#!% creek without a paddle. Like how “My Struggle” was an exposition dump that thought it could whip enough conspiracy crap at the wall leaving a plot mess that makes some kind of sense, “My Struggle II” does the same thing with every paranoid endgame considered in your average week on Info Wars. (more…)


It wasn’t necessarily a coincidence that the final season of The X-Files began the same autumn that the terrorist attacks of 9/11 occurred. Granted, the show, then its ninth season, was suffering from fatigue, the departure of one of its leads, the imminent departure of the other, and a replacement cast that just wasn’t up to filling the shoes of the originals while chasing an ongoing story with diminishing results and becoming increasingly more convoluted, but really it was 9/11. It was fascinating then this week to see Mulder and Scully do something the real-life FBI is tasked to do, track down terrorists of the Muslim extremist variety. (more…)


When details started coming out about the return of The X-Files, people heard the title of this week’s episode, “Home Again,” and wondered if it was a sequel to the most notorious X-Files of them all, 1996’s “Home.” Adding fuel to that speculation was the fact that Glen Morgan wrote and directed this episode, he co-wrote the tale of the inbred Peacock family, and surely the fact that the original “Home” is now passe enough to be screened regularly in X-Files reruns threw down the gauntlet for him to come up with sometime even more disturbing. Actually, “Home Again” dealt with subject matter far more upsetting than deformed incestuous rednecks: overwhelming guilt and end of life. (more…)


When Canada’s Space channel recently ran a two day, 20 episode marathon of the Best of The X-Files, six out of the 20 in some way involved Darin Morgan. He either wrote the episode in question (“Humbug”, “Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose”, “War of the Coprophages”, “Jose Chung’s ‘From Outer Space'”), or appeared in it (“The Host”, “Small Potatoes”). It might be impossible to understate the influence of Morgan’s work on The X-Files, which is why Files fans were looking forward to this week’s entry, which marked Morgan’s return to the show for the first times since “Small Potatoes” in season four, and the first time he’s but his stamp on a script since “Jose Chung” in season three. It was like he never left.  (more…)


“Old School.” Both Mulder and Scully talked about being “Old School” in Monday’s second of six new episodes of The X-Files. The Urban Dictionary defines “Old School” as “Anything that is from an earlier era and looked upon with high regard or respect,” for Mulder that’s palming a dead guy’s smart phone to get a lead, and for Scully that’s knowing that “Gupta” means “secret” in a Western India dialect without Google. Now that’s the X-Files we paid admission to see! The classic verbal fornication that people loved about Mulder and Scully was rusty, but intact in that one scene, but while “Founder’s Mutation” was more the X-Files we know, the show’s still showing the strain of reaching for past glory. (more…)


If you’ve been following pop culture at all for the last few months, you’ve already seen some of the genius tactics that the marketing team behind the upcoming Deadpool film have employed.  The latest offering comes with the return of the hit television show “The X-Files” last night – and since both the show and the movie are both Fox properties, it makes perfect sense (in that weird, Deadpool kind of way) to do a mashup of the two. (more…)


The waiting was the hardest part. No, I don’t mean the 14 year break between episodes of The X-Files, nor do I mean the wait from when its revival was announced almost a year ago. In this instance, I’m talking about 24 minutes. The 24 minutes Sunday night when the nerds of the nation were left raging as Fox marinated on the decisive victory of the Carolina Panthers over the Arizona Cardinals. Hardly the clash of the titans, and in the meantime, The X-Files and its fans were left wanting, and after the premiere episode, admittedly, this X-Files fan is still left wanting. The highly anticipated return of the show devolved into a mishegoss of conspiracy theory babble, and that is not [completely] what we come to The X-Files for. (more…)


This time next week, we will have seen the first episode of the revived X-Files and will be eagerly, or not so eagerly, awaiting the second episode, which airs a week from tonight. We don’t know yet if these six episodes are the last X-Files we’ll never get, but even if they completely bomb, it still seems unlikely that this will be the last X-Files ever, and that includes both the small screen and the big screen. With the hype already high for The X-Files, creator Chris Carter is floating the idea that the show might go on… in a third franchise movie. But only if the budget’s big enough. (more…)