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While most of us were partyin’ hard at Dragon*Con, this adventurous Dalek took to the desert for this year’s Burning Man. I think he misunderstood the name of the gathering, but I’m sure he had fun nonetheless. (The Mary Sue)


Bioshock Fan-Made Theme Song

Do you get scared by video games?

I don’t, but there are a lot of scary games out there that people buy (such as Condemned, Alan Wake and any number of zombie games) because people love to be scared.

But, I have never been so emotionally traumatized by a game that I had the urge to write a song about it! However, that is exactly what YouTube user lightsatsparkwood21 did for a game that I absolutely loved, Bioshock.

Her reasoning was this:

This is about my complete inability to play Bioshock for longer than ten minutes at a time without having to stop and go and hide underneath a large pile of clothing. Basically, it scares the shit out of me. I apologise for the mic level…I couldn’t get a decent sound. It’s really trebley.
Thanks to Ben Paul for the lyrics of the last verse (the best verse) as well.
Big Daddies are friends:

It’s actually a pretty good song, and I love the call-backs to the classic music from the game at the beginning. She really did a great job with the song, and I hope you give it a listen below!

singtngI was an extremely nerdy kid. The one who desperately yearned to be a Vulcan or an android and knew Khan’s full name, which prompted everyone to take the piss when I reviewed Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan for a project in middle school.

But I digress.

The nerdiest thing that I was actually ashamed of was when I entered a contest to win tickets to a Star Trek convention in Sacramento. They wanted you to sing lyrics to the original Star Trek theme. Whoever did the best got two free tickets. Being el nerdo supremo, I thought a surefire winner would be to use the lyrics that Gene Roddenberry wrote for the song.

Yeah, there are words. You never hear them, and I discovered why when I tried to sing them acapella over the phone. They don’t track with the actual melody. And they pretty much suck in general. Also, I can’t sing worth two shits in a high wind. Needless to say, I didn’t win the tickets.

Why am I telling you this?

Because all these years after having done that, I thought, well that’s about the most embarrassing thing like this you could do. I have now been proven wrong.

How many people would have the balls to write and sing lyrics to the Star Trek: The Next Generation theme song AND record themselves on video doing it? In costume. With a model of the Enterprise.

We salute you, sir. Warp speed.

(via Urlesque)

One-Man Zelda Theme Song


The Legend of Zelda theme is unmistakable, iconic and just damn fun to listen to. It is a tune that I can listen to at any time and just smile.

So, when I heard of a video on YouTube where one man plays a bunch of instruments to create the tune, I knew I had to listen to it. And, not surprisingly, the guy does a damn good job of it too.

Press play, close your eyes, and remember the days back when you would play Zelda for hours on end, exploring the mysterious world of Hyrule.


Raise your hand if you loved “Thundercats” as a kid. Now raise your hand if you know who composed the show’s theme song. Yeah, didn’t think so.

Internet Movie Database (IMDB) is a treasure chest of information, especially for those who slog through all of the “producer” and “as himself” credits. And what did the good folks at Warming Glow discover at IMDB recently? They found out that James Lipton composed the “Thundercats” song that every 80s kid can still hum today!

Did you hear me? James. Lipton. As in the guy who has that deep, slithery monotone. As in the guy who asks stars random questions on “Inside the Actors Studio.” As in the guy who was in that one Geico commercial. Unbelievable.

Below, check out a few of Lipton’s memorable moments.


Matt Muholland…I really don’t know what to say. I’m not sure whether or not to laugh my ass off or go curl up in a corner and cry. This video may just be the single most entertaining part of my day! Who does this?? Oh wait…Matt does..and its incredible. I wish I had come up with this idea. While watching the video look to the bottom…I like the monkey. Thank Topless for this.