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Fans of James Mangold’s The Wolverine shall not have to wait much longer before getting a chance to enjoy the film once again, this time from the comfort of their homes.  It’s just a few months before release (just in time for Christmas, coincidentally) and, like all movie releases these days, shall feature a variety of editions from which to choose.  Check out the details of what to expect from each version below:

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With Fox looking to expand their line-up of super hero franchises gone to the big screen, it’s only natural that they should seek exposure for new characters through the already established properties.  Such is the case with the recently released Wolverine flick, tying Logan’s story to the X-Men trilogy and paving way for him to return to the team.  We got to see Jean Grey show up in the solo movie and, as it turns out, there was supposed to be a little Rogue running around as well.

In the end, the writers opted out of bringing Rogue on board, thinking that it would have just been too much to shoehorn her in.  Or, in the words of one of the writers, Mark Bomback:

I love Rogue and I just think that there’s something about this idea that Rogue is tremendously empathetic but incapable of safe human contact. That always moved me and I thought that’s what really got to the heart of what makes the X-Men franchise so unique. So I was trying to do something with Rogue in the script. I even had a set of ideas that the old man possessed a version of Rogue’s power and that was going to be indicated by a white stripe in his hair. Eventually it became very goofy, and I threw it out because I started realizing throughout the script that it became more problematic than cool.

It’s no accident to me that in the first X-Men film the first two mutants that you really see who have a connection are Wolverine and Rogue. There’s something special between them, so I was trying to bring Rogue into it, but it just didn’t get there. I regretted there wasn’t a way to figure it out, but when I look at the film now, it would have stuck out if we tried to shoehorn her in there just because it was another character from the universe.

Personally, I’d rather they have stuck with the original comic relationship between Logan and Kitty Pryde rather than creating a younger Rogue and using her as a stand-in (and thus removing her own unique and awesome backstory).  But I guess that just ain’t gonna happen, is it?


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The Wolverine is just about here and, love it or hate it, the movie will be cemented within Fox’s new X-Men franchise.  One thing about the clawed menace, however, is that he tends to leave a trail of seriously mangled bodies in his wake (at least when he’s doing what he does best).  And though this is not financially viable for a studio trying to pull in a PG-13 rating and sell some tickets, it does look like we may get a little more of the Wolverine we know and love once the Blu-ray/DVD arrives.

Digital Spy chatted up The Wolverine director James Mangold who had this to say about what we might expect from the unrated, extended version of the flick.

“I’m very happy with the cut, and the studio was very generous in terms of letting me finish the movie as I wanted, but I do think we will have a slightly more violent version… let’s say an unrated, a bloodier version. There’s about ten or 12 minutes of scenes that I’d love people to see, that we’ll produce some kind of longer version of the movie at some point on Blu-ray or whatever. There’s another great scene with Hiro Sanada and a much more elaborate battle with ninjas from the third act that is a pretty huge battle sequence that you’ll see.”

In the meanwhile, check out the rated version come this Friday, July 26th.


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[Editor’s Note: After an exhilarating afternoon of some wild surprises from the Warner Bros./Legendary Pictures Panel and the awesome Catching Fire trailer that debuted within Hall H, Manny Lozano is back from a short rest, refuel, and recharge – himself and his smartphone – to bring you live commentary for FOX’s mysterious panel. We’re expecting them to bring The Wolverine as well as Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, but there’s been several rumors about “something major” being revealed. Footage from Days of Future Past? The much anticipated announcement of the X-Force movie? Another X-Men movie franchise? Whatever it is, in a matter of moments Manny will have the lowdown. Once the panel begins, hit refresh for updates.]

[UPDATE: This has panel has now concluded. Hit the jump for the full, original panel commentary. Up next, MARVEL STUDIOS!]



When the schedules for San Diego Comic Con began releasing each day was filled with glee and anticipation. As Friday’s and then Saturday’s schedules rolled out they were simply FULL of awesome panels featuring awesome stuff no single person could ever hope to fit in. Then there was FOX‘s Saturday Hall H panel with only “TBA” listed under its programming description. TBA?! WTF!?!

These schedules are released two weeks prior to the con, so what the hell was FOX waiting for? The news of their X-Force movie to trickle out, apparently. But also, as THR points out, X-Men: Days of Future Past was left off the schedule, so perhaps Bryan Singer and co. will surprise us. The panel does tease, “something major,” after all.

What’s guaranteed, though, is Hugh Jackman and James Mangold appearing to promote The Wolverine, which will release nationwide the following weekend. FOX’s sequel to Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes will also be represented with stars Andy Serkis Jason Clarke, Keri Russell and director Matt Reeves attending.

FOX’s Hall H panel is scheduled for Saturday, July 20th at 4:15 pm PST.

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nuclear logan

I hope Logan remembered his SPF 5000.

With only a few weeks left before The Wolverine hits theaters, they’re still turning out the teasers and trailers and miscellaneous video clips. We here at Nerd Bastards have got yet another one for you. This time, we get a look at Logan being a true World War II hero and saving a Japanese dude from a grisly atomic doom, thus setting in motion the events of the film that follow. Check it out below:

Yup, Logan’s still a bad-ass. Even a nuclear explosion can’t kill that bastard. Check out The Wolverine in its full and glorious form when it hits the big screen on July 26th.


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By now you’ve seen at least one trailer for James Mangold‘s directorial work with The Wolverine and you’ve had to have noticed the funeral fight scene. Among the ensuing chaos we get to see Hugh Jackman as Wolverine in a quick moment of weakness having “performance issues” with his healing factor. No worries ladies, it’s only a flesh wound for our Canadian friend.

Now, thanks to the fine folks at Yahoo, we get an extended look at the “funeral fight” scene with Wolverine and Yukio, played by Rila Fukushima. Check it out below:

Damn, that Yukio really know how to put a couple of those goons out of commission permanently. Hopefully she has a bit more screen time over other female supporting Marvel characters that have been in other super hero movies recently. I personally can’t wait to see The Wolverine once it comes out and hope you do too.

Based on the celebrated comic book arc, this epic action-adventure takes  Wolverine, the most iconic character of the X-Men universe, to modern-day Japan.  Out of his depth in an unknown world he faces his ultimate nemesis in a  life-or-death battle that will leave him forever changed. Vulnerable for the  first time and pushed to his physical and emotional limits, he confronts not  only lethal samurai steel but also his inner struggle against his own  immortality, emerging more powerful than we have ever seen him before.

The Wolverine is in theaters everywhere July 26th, 2013.

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James Mangold‘s The Wolverine has released a new featurette titled Logan. There’s just two weeks for the movie’s opening weekend and as the marketing kicks into over drive, HBO has thrown its hat into the marketing ring with their “First Look” series at The Wolverine. Both videos are below, take a look and let us know what you think!

Based on the celebrated comic book arc, this epic action-adventure takes Wolverine (Hugh Jackman), the most iconic character of the X-Men universe, to modern day Japan. Out of his depth in an unknown world, he will face a host of unexpected and deadly opponents in a life-or-death battle that will leave him forever changed. Vulnerable for the first time and pushed to his physical and emotional limits, he confronts not only lethal samurai steel but also his inner struggle against his own immortality.

The featurette, Logan:

The HBO First Look:

The Wolverine stars Hugh Jackman, Will Yun Lee, Svetlana Khodchenkova, Hiroyuki Sanada, Hal Yamanouchi, Tao Okamoto, Rila Fukushima and Brian Tee.

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The footage that has been released of The Wolverine so far really hasn’t lived up to fans’ expectations and there’s been a fair amount of fan skepticism as a result about the James Mangold film.  We know the film is based on Chris Claremont and Frank Miller‘s take on Wolverine before he made it big, but fans have felt the footage we have seen so far doesn’t entirely capture the dark, gritty quality of the comics and really just made it more Hollywood.

How much of the actual film will feel true to the source material, we don’t know.  To be fair, the film makers do have to find a middle ground to make the film more accessible to the larger population – even if it has to take massive liberties with the heart of the story.

We’ve got a clip of a fight scene with our pal, played by none other than Hugh Jackman, on top of a bullet train.  Whether or not Fox is releasing what they think is the best part of the film early to generate fan interest or they’ve still got some tricks up their sleeve is up for debate.  Needless to say, it probably gives you a good idea of what to expect when the film hits theaters on July 26th.

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As the year rolls on more films will vie to be crowned king of the box office. One upcoming contender: The Wolverine, releasing July 26th. The film has a large roster of characters and of course each of these characters deserve their own poster. This is movie marketing in ‘Merica, folks.

In this gallery we’ve got six new character posters for The Wolverine featuring Hugh Jackman, Rila Fukushima, Tao Okamoto, Svetlana Khodchenkova and Will Yun Lee.

Are you happy with how these characters are being brought to life on screen?

Sources: Geek Tyrant