thief of thieves

Robert Kirkman is the creator of The Walking Dead, Invincible, Super Dinosaur, and Thief of Thieves. He recently released the 100th issue of The Walking Dead for Image Comics, and is presently at work on the 3rd season AMC’s The Walking Dead, for which he serves as a writer and an executive producer. He is also developing Thief of Thieves for the network.

While at San Diego Comic Con yesterday morning, our Steven Sautter had a chance to sit down for an exclusive one on one interview with Mr. Kirkman. During the interview they talked about the progress of the Thief of Thieves TV adaptation, the reason why the most beloved characters meet the most brutal of ends in The Walking Dead universe, the future of The Walking Dead, and what Kirkman thinks about non-creator owned comic books and the “corporate entities” behind them.

So Thief of Thieves, congratulations on the pickup — how far away are we from seeing it on the screen?

Robert Kirkman: It’s very much in the early stages right now — we’re in pilot development, which means that we are working on developing the script for a pilot. That is the absolute first stage after something is brought into a network to be developed. Right now I’m working with Chic Eglee and we’re mapping out what the series is going to be and what parts of the comics we’re going to use.

And you’re going to act as a show runner or producer?

Kirkman: Well I’m not a show runner, because that is work and I do not like doing work. No, I’ll be an executive producer and I’ll be writing on the show and all that kind of stuff. Chic Eglee will be the show runner and he’s writing the pilot and it will be his show. You know, in much the same way that Glen Mazzara is the show runner of The Walking Dead. But you know, I’m in the writers room full time and I’m able to say don’t put lasers in the zombies eyes.


The success of AMC‘s The Walking Dead was sure to open lots of doors for the show’s creator, writing genius Robert Kirkman. Although this NerdBastard would love to see the powers that be at AMC take on Kirkman’s Invincible series, I’m just gonna have to be happy for the moment with the announcement that AMC and Kirkman are working toward bringing his latest comic, Thief of Thieves to the small screen.

The Image Comics/Skybound comic tells the tales of a master thief juggling a dual identity and struggling to quit the business, opts to steal only what someone has already stolen . . . thus the Thief of Thieves title.

Kirkman said:

“Much like The Walking Dead brought horror to television in a unique and groundbreaking way, I feel Thief of Thieves can do the same thing for heist stories, showing the humanity of all the characters, including the criminals.”

Thief of Thieves was released in February 2012 with the first two issues selling out their respective release dates. Issue No. 3 of Thief of Thieves hits store shelves Wednesday.

Nick Spencer penned the first arc of Thief of Thieves, with Kirkman on board as head writer to oversee the series.

“AMC recognizes the limitless ideas generated by the comic industry,” Kirkman says. “Their dedication to bringing The Walking Dead to life as a TV show has been key to its success and I’m excited about the potential of Thief of Thieves to reach similar levels of success.”  

“Working with AMC has been a tremendously positive experience and I’m looking forward to continuing and strengthening our relationships there and I can’t neglect to mention I’ve been dying to work with Chic again since we wrapped on The Walking Dead Season 1,” Kirkman says.  

Via: THR