[UPDATE WE HAVE OUR WINNER] By way of random selection Nerd Bastards has chosen Facebook user Ernest Sandridge as the recipient of the Star Trek Bathrobe. Ernest is one lucky duck! Jealous? Don’t feel too bad, will have more great items to give away in the weeks to come. You’ll get your chance.

In continuation of Nerd Bastards fan appreciation, has given us yet another awesome, nerdy, needful item.

Up this week is a Star Trek science officer bathrobe, so you can explore strange new worlds in fuzzy comfort. Even if you’re not a Vulcan, spending an entire weekend watching Star Trek: The Original Series without one of these comfy bad boys would be…highly illogical.

What exactly do I need to do to win?

There are two things you need to do to win. 1. You need to follow Nerd Bastards on either Twitter (@nerdbastards) or Facebook. 2. You need to tweet or make a wall update  saying “Dammit Jim, I’m a Doctor not a spa manager”.

Contest is applicable to fans who already follow us on Facebook/Twitter (you just need to tweet or make a wall update of the required fore mentioned phrase). Multiple tweets or wall updates are allowed (no limit, but don’t flood the feeds. Play nice.).  1 lucky winner will be randomly chosen (so don’t go trying to bribe us with money or boobs. They are certainly welcomed, they just won’t increase your chances). on Monday 4/11/11. The one size-fits-all robe  will be shipped out (free of charge via standard delivery) within 1-2 weeks.

Got it? Now, what are you waiting for? Start spreading the Nerdbastards/ThinkGeek gospel. DO IT NOW!

If you do not win but still wish to cloth yourself partially, leaving your Vulcan balls/Vajayjay to hang in the wind then you can pick up your own Star Trek science officer robe at For $49.99. Captain and Engineer styles available as well.

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Oh what a splendid day! Summer is here and so is camping, and with camping comes tents and sleeping bags. So how can you get a Nerdbastard out of the house and into the woods away from his computer, Warcraft, Xbox, and well everything else a Nerdbastard keeps himself out of the sunlight with?? (more…)


As you know we do our weekly Bastardcast here for your listening pleasure at At the end of every show we have a winner of our Question of the Week– and we occasionally have some cool shwag to give out to our fans who win the weekly question.

Point number 2. We recently got in touch with the amazing site and the staff their was more than gracious enough to send us 3 boxes of toys to play with and discuss…even kiddies, some for us to give to you!



Ok. Well The time is now. And with all the waiting and articles Ive been updating, The elusive phantom menace “TaunTaun Sleeping Bags” Came and went. Click here for the order screen. At 99.99 These bad boys are already OUT OF STOCK!! But have a an “Apparent” 1-3 week waiting period and it claims if you order now, you’ll have it in your hands by November 30th…2009 I hope.

While the product may be awesome and worth buying, I am disappointed with the sales savvy of ThinkGeek and all the companies releasing this bad larry. Happy Hunting, this is my final Taun Taun update, I hope you can get one.