This Is Aperture

A few weeks back we shared with you, “This is Aperture”, an incredibly awesome, Portal-ized version of, “This is Halloween” from The Nightmare Before Christmas. It came from Youtuber Harry-UK and I am thrilled to say he’s back with another song.

The Wheatley Song” casts our favorite personality core as Oogie Boogie and just like his first video, contains spot-on voice overs.

I don’t know about you guys, but I would totally be down for a feature-length, Portal musical. How about we get Harry and Valve talking.

Source: Nerds in Babeland

We here are no strangers to a good mashup. Often we feature them in our daily roundup of neato bits and bobs, Nerdy Bits. Other times they are so fantastic, just so freakin’ awesome, we need to share them immediately.

Such is the case with this brilliant video from¬†Harry Callaghan¬†(Harry101UK). In fact, this video exceeds most mashups because it doesn’t simply take the audio of one thing and mash it with the visuals of another. No, he’s created something new and marvelous.

This Is Aperture” features GLaDOS, Wheatley and those turrets who kept trying to kill you as you made your way through Portal and Portal 2 singing to the tune of “This Is Halloween” from Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas. Complete with new and hilariously appropriate lyrics.

At this point I’m sure you’re twitchin’ from excitement so let’s just watch it already!

Hey Valve, we love Jonathan Coulton, too, but come Portal 3, I think you should give this guy a call.

Source: The Mary Sue