Thor Spoilers

Thor: The Dark World may not be coming to theaters for another year, but that doesn’t stop fans from wanting to know more about it right now.  Luckily for us, Marvel’s International VP, Nigel Cook, was showing off some raw footage at a cinema convention in Italy.  Some people who saw it decided to tweet it out to the rest of the world, and we are going to tell you what they had to say.

Warning!  Spoilers ahead!

With that out of the way, we’d like to thank GeekTyrant for dealing with the translation on this one, bless their souls.  It may still be a bit of a choppy read, but it’s understandable enough:

In the preview, a voice-over is heard with the oath of the God of Thunder as the new supreme ruler. We see a clash between Thor and the enemy army, in a world that is neither Asgard let alone the Earth. We see Chris Hemsworth wielding his hammer and Tom Hiddleston as Loki first wounded without a helmet, with long, loose hair and then imprisoned; his anger increasingly desperate and irrational. Then there’s a scene later in which he is free again, but still furious.

Against the backdrop of a forest, in the middle of a clearing, among the dust, we in fact face off anthropomorphic creatures, but also a big “gorilla” krosan tusker: a rather alien fauna varies so, although not extreme in size (there are also some envoys/ambassadors of a people mysterious, with oval face and black eyes, elongated and sunken)

The rest of the images show glimpses of Asgard, with Anthony Hopkins as Odin and Natalie Portman in clothes that seem more like a princess; an Asgardian princess. In between, there are images of an epic battle on horseback, who seems to have left an epic cloak-and-dagger. The threat to the Asgardians is certainly a new alien race pale (now identified as the dark elves).

A black spaceship shaped irregularly looks like a serious threat to Asgard. More sequences show Natalie Portman then alongside Thor lying on the ground, probably overwhelmed in a clash.

So until Marvel releases an official trailer or someone leaks some juicy video version of the above-mentioned footage, it’s all you’re gonna get.

Or you can just ignore all the spoilery-hype and wait to check out Thor: The Dark World on November 8th of 2013.


Thanks again to GeekTyrant for the heads-up.

Oh Shit, Thor Spoilers!


With its release date only a mere 5 months away (May 6th),  Kenneth Branagh showed a rough cut of his superhero “masterpiece” better known as Thor, to Marvel execs so that they could better understand how to promote this bad boy.  Well in this process, some spoilers about the flick were revealed to us lowly fans (ya know the folks that are actually paying to see this shit).   So if you’re one those ridiculous people out there that MUST know every fucking detail about a film before you see it then click the jump to read about the spoilers and let us know what you think!

Source: ComicBookMovie