As nerds, bastard-like or otherwise, cartoons are at the core of what started the love of all things nerdy for the vast majority of the community. Nerds are exposed to them as children and from then on the seed grows. Cartoons can shape and inform what we choose to indulge in as adults. Nerds rally against any change or reboot or reimagining of our beloved childhoods, some even going so far as to say that these changes ruin what came before. As the years roll by we tend to look back on the cartoons so endeared to us with rose-tinted glasses. But do they hold up? Were our cartoons as good as we remember them being or are they better left in the rear-view mirror we call nostalgia?

Thundercats is a classic cartoon that aired from 1985-89. Which starred Lion-O and his friends, Tygra, Cheetara and, of course, Snarf battled the evils of Mumm-Ra after fleeing their own world. The popular franchise produced a line of toys, video games and comics following the adventures of Lion-O and his friends. In 2011, Thundercats made a return to television only to be cancelled after one season. The new series called, Thundercats Roar, has both a good and bad history to live up to.


It was recently announced, that Hasbro will be producing a massive 4ft Playset of Jabba’s sail barge from Star Wars Return of the Jedi and selling it at a not no modest price of $499.99.  It will be the most expansive action figure sets Hasbro has released in their history of making Star Wars merchandise. The pending release of this vast vehicle has toy enthusiast all a flutter and feeling very nostalgic. Imagine being a kid in the 80’s and having such a monumental play thing for your action figures?  Well, no need to imagine… ’cause the 80’s were awesome. That decade was the pinnacle era for action figures and the vehicles and toysets to go with them.  Some had one, some had all, and others had none but here’s a trip down memory lane to remember the biggest and best action figure playsets from the 80’s.

Oh, and for anyone that may still own one or more of these plastic marvels, may be entitled to a windfall of cash.  (more…)


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ABOVE: Cosplayer Constantine in Tokyo is fulfilling your cat girl fantasies with her Thundercat’s Cheetara costume. Thundercats are on the loose, indeed. [FashionablyGeek]


Hello, and welcome to another astoundingly cheeky edition of Ask the Bastards, the weekly feature where we answer crazy questions that you people dared to ask us. This week we’re talking remakes, the best version of the Hulk, Yoshi, Dredd and which Nerd Bastard is the best Nerd Bastard.


San Diego Comic Con 2012 is quickly approaching (July 11th-15th). As another year of nerdy goodness comes our way, so does a slew of new and exciting exclusive toys/collectibles.

Having scoured the net for  SDCC items, I can’t say I’m that impressed with this years selection. Past years have been better. Still, there’s enough desirables to break a toy geeks wallet. I for one, want the He-man power sword letter opener, Hasbro’s S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier and the Star Wars Special Edition Carbonite Chamber Collectors Pack. Oh, and I want the (resurrected) JEM doll by Hasbro. What? Jem is contagious. Jem is outrageous! And I expect you, the reader, to buy them for me. Come on, I supply you with news and entertainment everyday. The least you can do is buy me a few toys. Eh, I kid. You don’t have to buy me toys. Naked pictures of your mom would be adequate recompense.*smirk*

So, I rifled off the 4 biggest collector items, but there’s a lot more product. So much so that Comic Con should be renamed Collectible Con. Meh, lame joke. How about we get to the toys, shall we?

Hit the jump for a list of the things you want, the things you need and everything you can’t have.



Are the Thundercats No More? (Update)


Thundercats, Thundercats, Thundercats… no. Despite generally positive reviews and moderate ratings success, Cartoon Network released it’s coming lineup in advance of it’s upfront presentation sans Lion-O and the other Thundercats. In addition to that, according to Topless Robot, Bandai had no new products to show from their Thundercats toy line at Toy Fair, another sign that the show may have used up the last of it’s 9 lives.

What’s replacing the Third Earth felines? Among other things, a new live-action half-hour long sketch show with Nick Cannon. I don’t know about you, but I just did a sort of dry heave, full body shiver after reading that.

We’ve made an attempt to reach out to Cartoon Network in an effort to get confirmation of the Thundercats‘ demise, but Space Ghost seemed to be in a withholding mood when I spoke with him earlier, still, check back for updates and also to give us repeat hits… *maniacal laugh* *maniacal laugh*

Update: Apparently I spent too much time honing my maniacal laugh skills, and not enough time checking Cartoon Network’s Saturday Morning lineup. Thundercats LIVES! Every Saturday at 9:30 AM on Cartoon Network. The second season began on March 24th, this according to the network.

I screwed up, flat and simple. Many, many sites ran with this story and in the ghetto of internet journalism, that is usually enough. I and many, many others followed the smoke, not the fire. I apologize.

Source: Topless Robot via Toy News International


Thundercats is coming back to Cartoon Network on March 24th but not on their usual Friday night. Thundercats is joining the new Saturday morning cartoon block along with Ben 10 and the new DC Nation, airing at 9:30am. We shared some blurbs about the first two episodes of the second season last week and today we’ve got two clips from the first episode, “New Alliances.”

In the clips we’re introduced to Mumm-ra’s new generals, Addicus and Kaynar, and in the second clip you’ll get a little bit of Lion-o kickin’ ass with the Sword of Omens. Enjoy!

Thundercats returns March 24th at 9:30am!

Source: Comic Book Movie

After years of focusing on making Friday night the place for action cartoons  Cartoon Network is switching things up in an attempt to revitalize their Saturday morning block. Tomorrow morning marks the premiere of their eagerly anticipated DC Nation programming, which will include new episodes of Green Lantern: The Animated Series and Young Justice as well as all those fantastic shorts they’ve been teasing. And announced today, the Thundercats will be making their season two return also on Saturday mornings, starting March 24th at 9:30am. The new time slot places them right between Ben 10 and DC Nation.

Here’s some quick blurbs about their first two episodes. Warning, these could be a little spoilery if you haven’t seen all season one,

An epic, all new reimagining of the classic 1980s animated series, ThunderCats tells the story of a hero’s journey to fulfill his ultimate destiny. On Third Earth, the kingdom of Thundera is being threatened by the evil sorcerer Mumm-Ra, and Lion-O, the young heir to the throne, embarks on a great quest to take his rightful place as king. The unlikely champion must work with his faithful comrades Tygra, Cheetara, Panthro, WilyKit, WilyKat, and his loyal pet, Snarf — who join him on his journey — to save their world from darkness.

Saturday, March 24: “New Alliances” – The Thundercats go on the offensive taking down Mumm-Ra’s lizard army piece by piece. Lion-O appeals to the soldiers to turn against their overlord, but Mumm-Ra won’t see his army crushed so easily. He tasks Slithe with recruiting two new and vicious Generals — Addicus and Kaynar — to retaliate against the cats. Meanwhile, the Robear Berbils make Panthro a new set of robotic arms and soop up the Thundertank.

Saturday, March 31: “The Trials of Lion-O Pt. 1” – Mumm-Ra’s generals ambush and, while the other cats are captured, Lion-O falls to his death. Thanks to the Spirit Stone, he encounters Jaga in the Astral Plane and is given a second chance at life. If he is able to pass a series of trials that pit him against each of his teammates, he can win back his life and save the other cats. First up are Kit and Kat, followed by Cheetara. But the clock is ticking because Mumm-Ra has the Sword of Omens!

Get that cereal ready, you’ve got even more reasons to wake up early on Saturday mornings!

Source: Comic Book Movie

Known for his massive and awesome paintings of 80’s era action figures and the time lapse videos of him painting them, Robert Burden has created something wonderful again. The subject matter, the ThunderCats. The result? A massive 6 ft x 11 ft (unframed) painting titled “Soldiers of Thundera”. Burden says it took him about 1000 hours, spread out over seven months.

One day, I want to buy a van. Not some soccer mom deal, I am talking a real van, something from the 70’s. I will let Burden spill his nerdy creative glory over the sides of it, for I know it will be a work of art. I will then have myself buried alive in it, for I know I will never see something so wondrous again. I just wanted to share that, oh and the video.

It is after the jump.