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As a fictionally famous scientist once said, more as a warning than a promise, “Life finds a way.” The same or similar idea applies to Disney-Pixar and the relentless desire and/or drive to leave no piece of intellectual property, even one as beloved by multiple generations as the Toy Story series, unexploited, regardless of the risks involved. The potential billion-dollar upside was simply too much for any profit-oriented movie studio to pass up. At least that’s what the average cynic would say, especially given the toyetic nature of the Toy Story series and a third, presumably final chapter, Toy Story 3, that seemed to end the series on the highest of high notes. Luckily, any fears or concerns about a potentially disappointing fourth entry don’t apply to Toy Story 4, an unreserved, unqualified triumph of story, character, and animation. It’s an all-ages appeal with more than simple, surface-deep pleasures but a film that will join the Pixar pantheon as both a series and a studio best.  (more…)

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It was a kind of joke (but not really) for years as Trekkies fans of all stripes identified the 1999 sci-fi comedy Galaxy Quest as the best Star Trek films in years. A nice complement that also has the virtue of being true thanks in no small part to a great cast and sharp editing and visual effects work. For Trek fans, it was an Easter egg-filled delight of all the Star Trek tropes, not mention a kind of parody of all the behind the scenes drama of cast discord with the show’s conceited and marginally talented star (ahem). But might the Galaxy Quest concept be durable and adaptable for television? Well, Amazon certainly thinks so. (more…)


The news made its way across the Internet yesterday afternoon that Paramount was developing Galaxy Quest as a television series. The 1999 Dreamworks movie did quite well at the box office, doubling it’s $45 million dollar budget with a world-wide gross of $90 million. The film has gone on to achieve a cult like status in television reruns, so it was no surprise that Paramount would eventually get back to Galaxy Quest in some capacity. The question though, “Is television the right medium for a Galaxy Quest return?” (more…)

Any self respecting nerd has seen Dean Parisot‘s Galaxy Quest; the hilarious meta spoof of Star Trek. Even director J.J. Abrams went as far as calling it “one of the best Star Trek movies ever made.”

Now, did you know the original cut of the PG film was actually rated R? Not only that, but this very adult cut is out there…somewhere. My god, imagine if someone found it? It be like finding the Ark of the Covenant, but with boobies and aliens in side. Oh how glorious it would be.

In a recent interview with Collider, John Carter producer Lindsey Collins talked about a meeting she had with star Sigourney Weaver, who subsequently told her of the originally R-rated feature. Complete with sex scenes, cursing and way more shots of Gwen DeMarco’s motherboard. According to Sigourney, this mythical cut of the movie is rumored to still be out there.

“We had lunch with Sigourney [Weaver] who was telling us that there actually used to be an R-rated version of that movie which was awesome. It was the director’s cut and it was R-rated and everybody was swearing and there were sex scenes, and the whole thing,” Collins said. “They didn’t know what to do with it, so they had to re-edit the whole thing and made it what it is today. We were like, ‘How do we get our hands on the R-rated version of Galaxy Quest?’ She said ‘I don’t know!’ and we were like, ‘Come on, Sigourney!'”

Weaver could just be messing with everyone about this cut of the movie. But she was there, so if anyone would know it’s going to be her.

By Grabthar’s hammer, by the suns of Warvan, this should be released!

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Here’s 1 for all you Toy Story nerds.  Here’s a the new poster.  From the look of this my guess would be we’ll start to see one of these for every character.  Hopefully sooner rather than later.  Plus, Oh my goodness just got my first look at the new trailer!  Holy Hell it looks amazing!  Sorry couldn’t throw it up here but, I got  a link for ya!  Enjoy.

Traileraddict Toy Story 3 Trailer