Tim Hiddleston


Every year the Super Bowl Ads take center stage on the Internet in a rush to get the most bang for those millions of bucks spent for those precious 30 seconds. This year is no different. We’ve got two car companies, Jaguar and Kia taking the Super Bowl Ad plunge. They both use some big names to drive home their points. (more…)


Over the summer Thor: The Dark World director, Alan Taylor caused a bit of a stir when he mentioned Joss Whedon, creative architect of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, had provided some rewrites and a bit of new material for the film. This led frantic fans to believe the film wasn’t any good and Whedon was called in to fix it. Not so, corrects Kevin Feige, the overseer of the MCU and true master of the Disney/Marvel superhero franchise.  (more…)