Tim Kring

‘Heroes Reborn’ is Cancelled; No One is Surprised


Fans of the hit TV Heroes were cautiously excited this year when it was announced that the show would be rebooted as Heroes Reborn. During the 2015 superbowl, NBC released a teaser for the show and in July a six chapter web series called Dark Matters was released to drum up hype for the show. Series creator Tim Kring returned, as did Jack Coleman, Greg Grunberg, Masi Oka, and Sendhil Ramamurthy, who all starred in the original series. Although, the show was billed as an “event miniseries,” the assumption always was that it was a pilot season of sorts and more episodes would be ordered if this season went well. The season has not gone well and the network is now saying they have no plans to continue with the show past this season.



The saga of Heroes, the NBC TV show about ordinary people with incredible powers, is an example of a series that peak too fast and then flounder under a showrunner who has no idea where to take his series next. In hindsight, perhaps Heroes was also ahead of its time. With a new comic book-based movie coming out every other week at the movie theater, and a TV schedule now filled with superheroes, the time couldn’t possibly be more rip for a Heroes redux. Which brings us to Heroes Reborn, the 13-episode “event series” relaunch of Heroes coming to NBC this fall. What is about? We don’t know, but here are three new images. (more…)