Tim Sale


Tim Sale has put his stamp on a lot of comics’ biggest characters, his work with writer Jeph Loeb is amongst some of the best to come out of the printing press in the last 20 years. The work of the duo on collections like Batman: The Long Halloween, Superman For All Season, Spider-Man Blue, Daredevil Yellow, and their recently completed Captain America White, have not just satisfied comic book readers, but influenced the makers of the live-action movie counterparts of the characters. Talking to Tim Sale though, who appears this weekend at Fan Expo Canada in Toronto, you can tell that he’s a thoughtful guy that cares very much about the state of his art form. We talked about how the industry has changed for better and worse, his orderly way of managing his con commitments, and his memories of the dear departed Darwyn Cooke. (more…)

COMICS REWIND: ‘Batman: The Long Halloween’

Reading The Long Halloween, you might notice some eerie similarities between it and Christopher Nolan’s film The Dark Knight. ┬áThe book came about 12 years before the film, and served as a heavy influence on what has become known as a comic book cinema masterpiece. Conceived as a continuation of the Batman: Year One storyline created by none other than Frank Miller, it is without a doubt the most acclaimed and most well known of the Batman collaborations between writer Jeph Loeb and artist Tim Sale, and it arguably revitalized Batman in the ’90s in the same way Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns revitalized him in the ’80s. In an age when the world of major comic books seemed all about the muscles and breasts under tight outfits, all about the grand gestures of superhero death and disfigurement, The Long Halloween presented an ambitious noir tale of crime, intrigue, murder and shadows in Gotham City, a study of how power and madness corrupt and how far one man can be pushed.

And if that doesn’t convince you, The Joker gets to star in a Christmas issue.