Tim Seeley


Recently, we had a chance to talk face to face with multi-talented comic book writer and artist Tim Seeley at New York Comic Con about his and Mike Norton‘s rural noir zombie thriller Revival, providing a contrast for The Walking Dead, becoming a highly sought after team with Norton, the status of the rumored Hack/Slash film, his interest in bringing his comics to TV or the big screen, and knowing where Revival will end thanks to Lost.


In 2012, All-Star Marvel and DC artist Mike Norton further moved toward creator owned projects, continuining his Eisner Award winning Battlepug saga online (and in collected editions through Dark Horse) while also co-creating Image Comics’ rural noir zombie book Revival and Dark Horse Comics’ brand new costumed hero book, The Answer, which debuts today.

Here, Norton tells us about how he picks his projects, why he doesn’t hide from superhero tropes, how Revival isn’t your typical zombie book, battling zombie fatigue, and if he’d like to see Battlepug live on as a cartoon series.

Along the way, we also discuss the challenges of telling a slow burn story, the appeal of The Answer‘s female lead, and how a costumed hero fits in at Dark Horse.

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ABOVE: I once had a dream about a Themysciraian pillow fight. It was very 300-esque, only, you know… heterosexual. Above, the artist simply known as Rinri has done far better rendering of what Wonder Woman would where to such an event than my imagination ever could. [Geek-Art]

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