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November 23rd is less than a week away, and in these 11 days leading to the Doctor Who 50th anniversary we here at Nerd Bastard’s want to share with you a few of our favorite Whovian things. With only three more days to go (How could I resist using that picture of Jon Pertwee, eh?) I’m going to use our time to impart some knowledge on any n00bs in the crowd. Those who’ve, possibly against their better judgement, have decided the 50th anniversary is the time to get into this Doctor Who thing. So here it is, my three things you need to know in order to “get” Doctor Who. (more…)


In keeping with Whovian tradition, when a Doctor leaves the show, fans must lose their ever-loving minds parsing every moment that preceded the announcement in search of clues while also wildly speculating about the future of the show and who will be the next TARDIS inhabitant.

Not wanting to be left out in the cold, we invited Nerdbastards and Blastr contributor Matthew Jackson to join us for a special Bastard Bonus Cast that is extra special and a bonus for you, our sexy and flexible listeners. The show is called: “What’s Next for Doctor Who?” and not “What is Doctor Who?” which is a show where Jeremy yells about two hearts while he stands in a closet that he swears is bigger on the inside.

Here is what you get when you choose to press play on this show, “The Bastard Bonus Cast: What’s Next for Doctor Who?”

– Matt Smith’s Legacy as The Doctor

– The Future of Doctor Who and Matt Smith’s Career

– Steven Moffat’s Time as Showrunner

– And Our Picks for The Next Doctor and the great debate about changing the Doctor’s race and/or sex.

So, press play because this shit is Timetastic!

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The Bastard Bonus Cast, Where my tribble’s at?


The new season of Doctor Who premieres on BBC America April 23rd at 9pm (et). This will be the second series following the adventures of the 11th Doctor. Yep, 11th. Meaning if you’re new to Who you’ve got a bit of catching up to do. Doctor Who premiered in 1963 and over 47 years we’ve flown through time and space with 11 different Doctors and all his companions. Even though 11 different actors have played the renegade Time Lord he’s always the same man. Confused?

I’ll let the Fine Bros take it from here. They’ve created for all you Doctor Who n00bs a review of all 47 years of history in under six minutes. So pencils at the ready, you’re gonna need to be a very quick note taker.

Doctor Who Infographic

Much to my chagrin, I still have nerd friends who do not seem to know a frakkin thing about Doctor Who. The BBC Sci-Fi series has only been on for 50 something years. It demands your attention. Fuck, you should be embarrassed not knowing what a TARDIS or Timelord is.

Usually I’m far too upset with my quote-unquote nerd friends to calm down enough and explain, in-detail, the complexities of the time-traveling journey-man who saves the universe in his compact blue box.

Twitter user Bob Canada (can always trust a guy named Bob. #funfact) to the rescue. Bobby created this comprehensive guide to all eleven Doctors of Doctor Who, as well as his TARDIS and his literary fix-all Sonic Screwdriver.

Leave it to a handy dandy infographic to assist in fundamental nerd-ucation. Thanks Bob.

Click on thru the jump to see it in all it’s glory: