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ABOVE: Prometheus‘s David may be a super advanced robot, played Michael Fassbender, but in essence he’s just another psychotic dick trying to kill all humans. (oops, Spoiler Alert) Cartoonist Natalie Nourigat (Periscope Studios) shows off the lighter side of sci-fi Alien prequel/whatever the hell Ridley Scott calls it right now. [Comics Alliance]

Hit the jump for a Speed Racer/Star Wars mash-up, Tintin and MOAR!


Today Paramount released a teaser trailer for the upcoming film, The Adventures of Tintin: Secret of the Unicorn. It seems like only yesterday we were admiring the recently released domestic and international posters. Wait, we were? That was yesterday, Well damn, they’re hammering this film hard. I guess they have good reason to; they only have six months to get Americans interested in an animated movie about an adventuring boy and his dog based on a popular European caroton  strip no one stateside has ever heard of.

This trailer is a step in the right direction. It’s exciting, intense and still the plot is a mystery. I’m a little worried because we don’t see any characters’ mouths moving. All the dialogue is provided by voice over and while it’s still early, you can’t help but wonder have they not fixed the ‘dead tongue’ issue which plagued all of Robert Zemeckis’ motion capture animated films. Again, it’s early and this is simply a teaser, hopefully they’ll work that out.

Where I am not concerned at all is the creative talent involved. The film is produced by Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson. Wow. Written by Stephen Moffat, Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish. It’s like a British writer dream team! Plus, Tintin will feature voice work and motion-capture likeness of Jamie BellAndy SerkisDaniel CraigCary ElwesSimon Pegg and Nick Frost. Awesome balls.

These people have me really excited, the animation has me worried, but all in all the trailer is a treat. Check it out below and let us know, will you be excited about The Adventures of Tintin when it releases December 23rd this year?

source: TDW