One of these things is not like the other.

Known for their whole Mockbusters” thing, Global Asylum constantly makes cheaper versions of the year’s top film franchises. This time, Universal studios has finally said “Enough!”, and bitch slapping the company with a class action lawsuit. Initially reported by TMZ , the lawsuit (which can be read here) claims that Global Asylum is trying to piggyback off the board-game-turned-Blockbuster-feature starring Taylor Kitsch, Alexander Skarsgård and Rihanna.

Global Asylum’s most recent feature, American Battleship, goes straight to DVD May 22nd — a mere four days after Universal’s Battleship hits theaters May 18th. Seems a bit fishy that two movies, both about naval warships battling aliens from space, would be released so close to each other. But this is a tactic that Asylum has used over and over again.

Just look at their recent “hits”: Paranormal Entity, Titanic II, 2012: Ice Age, The Terminators, Transmorphers and Battle Of Los Angeles. Sound familiar? They should, because Asylum is known for copying the premise and plot of the every feature-length film its copies. And Universal will not stand for it a minute longer.

In a response to the lawsuit posted on Deadline, Global Asylum gave the single best defense a company could ever give:

The Global Asylum has promoted the feature film American Battleship for nearly a year while Universal raised no concerns. The timing of Universal’s recently filed lawsuit coincides with mixed reviews of its big-budget film, Battleship — the first movie based on a board game since Clue. Looking for a scapegoat, or more publicity, for its pending box-office disaster, the executives at Universal filed this lawsuit in fear of a repeat of the box office flop, John Carter of Mars. The Universal action is wholly without merit and we will vigorously defend their claims in Court. Nonetheless, we appreciate the publicity.

Bitch slap returned in spades, thanking Universal for suing them and using the “John Carter” defense. While you have to hate Asylum for their dirty tactics, you have to respect their badassery here. Hopefully they’ll still have this type of swagger when both parties go to court in the next few weeks.

We wish everyone the best in the coming bloodbath.

Riddick Threequel Gets Cast, Loses Studio

For the past 5 years or so Vin Diesel‘s Riddick has been on the road to a third movie, and it’s been a little bit bumpy to say the least. If you’re eagerly awaiting this third installment in what began with Pitch Black, we’ve got some good news and some bad news.

I’ll say this much, the film makers know their demo for this movie. Sci-fi fans that love roided out stuff shirts. Collider is reporting that writer/director David Twohy is in the process of finalizing the movies supporting cast. Battlestar Galactica alum Katee Sackhoff has been offered the role of Dahl, a Nordic merc who’s on the hunt for Riddick. Andreas Apergis, from SyFy’s Being Human, is being approached to play Krone, the commander of the dark theocracy. Rounding out this wishlist is Bokeem Woodbine (Devil) and WWE wrestler Dave Bautista (The Scorpion King 3: Battle for Redemption)


Really… That is the dream cast? Stars of basic cable and a wrestler? No offense to the thespians listed above, but other than Karl Urban, the cast sounds like they are scrapping the bottom a little. Yes, I am including that anthropomorphic pork chop named Vin Diesel as well.  Just looking at the very brief character descriptions is enough to tell me this is not going to be a good movie, they sound like they are ripped straight from some 13 year olds D&D campaign.

Oh yea, remember when I said that there was good news and bad news? The above was the bad, this is the good!

TMZ is reporting that Michel Trudel, the owner of the Montreal studio where the movie is being filmed, heroically changed the locks and kicked everyone out of the building. Oh sure the cover story is that Diesel’s production company, One Race Films (the crap? ok… do you mean car race or…?) has failed to pay on time. Personally, I like to think that this Mr. Trudel is just trying to save the world from one more Riddick movie.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I kind of liked Pitch Black back in the day. In my own defense, I was young and unaware how much I hated Vin Diesel, or how much he hates me. He has to hate me, he keeps making movies.

Should this financial set back be resolved, the plan is to inflict this movie upon us sometime in 2013. Please, let the Mayans be right.



People seriously have too much time on their hands, and this dramatic tift between Smith and the Westboro Baptist Church .  Seeing as the world doesn’t have too much to picket about at the moment,  the Westboro Baptist Church sets their sights on Kevin Smith’s new film ‘Red State’, calling him “a God-hating clown”.

If you’ve been living under a rock, Kevin Smith’s film ‘Red State’ is centered in Middle America. The film’s plot centers around  a group of teens who receive an online invitation for, but soon encounter that the invitation is a sinister plot  by fanatical church members whose member kill “sinners”.

Some have said that the film bares a resemblance to the fanatical Westboro Church, and the only comment from the church’s spokesperson  is, “God hates fags, God hates fag enablers, therefore God hates Kevin Smith.” Kevin Smith, in a true show of smart-ass awesomness, told TMZ, “”Well Jesus told ME he loved ‘Red State.’  He said it makes up for ‘Cop Out.’  He also said neither He nor His Heavenly Father have any affiliation with the Westboro Baptist Church.”

This isn’t the first time that this church have protested everything on this god-given earth. During this slump of controversial things to be ticked off about, the group has managed to immerse itself into public’s eye once more.

Of course, Kevin Smith uses this controversy to his advantage seeing as the film is set to release a month from now. If you want to check out Kevin Smith’s interview  with TMZ on ‘Red State’, and an update on his career ventures ,click here.

According to TMZ (you know, those gossip queens that that have their own TV show, if you could call it that) Reb Brown is one pissed off actor. For those of us born after the 1970’s, Brown portrayed the first Captain America in Captain America and Captain America II: Death Too Soon. Two made-for-TV Captain America movies that ran in 1979. Since then he hasn’t really done anything of much importance, so naturally he’s upset that he was left out of Captain America: The First Avenger.

“Brown tells TMZ that at one point … the producers told his rep they were into the idea of having him make an appearance in the movie. But before he knew it … he was reading about production getting underway in London without a single call coming his way.”

Aww, they didn’t call. Apparently Brown believes there is some unwritten rule about superhero movies in which the last actor to play the character gets a cameo in the next big movie. Lou Ferrigno got his cameo in The Hulk so why shouldn’t Reb get his?

Hate to break it to you Reb, but that means the cameo would go to Matt Salinger and his “work” in the 1990’s Captain America. Maybe Joss Whedon will call him up for a part in The Avengers…and Skrulls will fly outta my ass.

Via: The Mary Sue

It’s that time again for the Superhero Roundup. It has all the news that was too small to have its own spotlight, but too juicy to pass up. Sneak peeks for today’s roundup include an sneak peek on possible costume ideas for our favorite kitty “Catwoman”, some gory Avenger mishaps, and exclusive interviews for super hero films in the works all of which you can read after the jump.


We start our roundup with the femme of the hour Catwoman! With filming of The Dark Knight Rises underway, and our only sneak peek character looks coming in the beefy, but scary Bane; people can’t help but wonder what Catwoman is gonna look like. Obviously the Catwoman that must not be named isn’t an option (Halle Barry that’s all I’m saying), and the recreation of the iconic Batman Forever Catwoman outfit is out of the question for the style of movie that Nolan has created so far. So the sky is the  limit when it comes to the inspiration for the outfit, right?

Well, Hollywood Insider claims to have the inside scoop on what the direction might be for Nolan’s Catwoman, which is:

“Anne’s outfit is more tactical, like the comic book, than the previous Batman movies,” a source very close to the costume design tells us exclusively. “She will definitely be wearing the goggles and it’s going to be less sexy than Halle Berry and Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman costumes. She’s going to look more like a robber”

No offense, but this “insider” is pretty vague about this costume design.The only thing that we can assume from this is that it may look something like Darwyn Cooke’s 2001 re-design of the antihero.

via io9