X-Men: Days of Future Past is a veritable class reunion of X-Men movie characters, many of whom have already been revealed to the general public, but how about a character who hasn’t been seen since the first film? A character who died in X-Men, the recipient of the worst tough guy line in the history cinema, is apparently joining the fun in the upcoming film. But while the character is returning, the actor who originally played him is not. You might even say the producers are sticking their tongue out at him. If you haven’t guessed from any of the clever hints yet (or the graphic above), I’m talking about Toad. (more…)

Mortal Kombat Video Game Tryouts

As far as we know God of War‘s Kratos is the only character making a guest spot in the upcoming Mortal Kombat game, out next week. With the popularity of this rebooted videogame franchise you’d think they would have spent a bit more on guest spots in their games. Hell, Soul Caliber has a special character for each console their game came out on and they must have only spent a fraction for their guest players. With amount of violence that’s going to be in the game, it’s no surprise that these other popular characters didn’t make the cut.

Fatality in 16 bits

Via: Geek Tyrant

Mario is the Barbie of the video game world except without all the pink and no semblance of a genitalia stamped with “made in China”. Mario is purely “made in Japan”. In his past 25 years he’s done a lot.  He fights a giant lizard, eats mushrooms and enjoys more time with a princess then Prince William will get after his wedding, and that’s before he unclogs his toilet.

If you’ve been a member of the Nintendo generation for last 2 decades then you should know most of what makes Mario’s world go round, but they’re question boxes that have yet to be fist punched. What secrets do Mario and his cast of characters have hidden across the mushroom kingdom? What don’t you know?

Sonic is so jealous right now (more…)

Super Mario Zombie Cosplay

Mario Cosplay

Does this constitute sexy cosplay of the week? I think not, but it’s totally just as awesome. It’s Mario Bros meets Zombie and then transformed into something that would give children nightmares for a long time. Check out mrksaarri’s Flickr to see the rest of his Mario Zombie Cosplay pics. One pic of Mario after the jump.


Do you think Toad from Mario Brothers is the man? Well I’m sorry to have to tell you this but the scurvy son of a bitch has been flipping you off for the last 25 years. It’s true! In the oldschool Super Mario Brothers game you work your way thru the Mushroom Kingdom in search of Princess Peach. At the end of each of the first 7 castles you are told by Toad, the castle Rep. that the princess is not there. For your troubles this limey bastard leaves you with the double finger salute.  Don’t believe me? Check out the pic below.

mario luigi princess bump friend mario princes castle bastard mushroom

This is not a shopped job, just a zoomed in look at the 8 bit sprite. Yep, what an A-hole!

source via sodahead