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Science enthusiasts and Peter Parker fans alike will get a kick out of this news- and so would Peter Parker himself!  has reported that two new spider species have been discovered in Iran, and the archaeologists took inspiration from the big screen incarnations of Spider-Man when naming the species.  Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield now have the honor of adding to their respective namesakes the Filistata maguirei and Pritha garfieldi!  Yuri M. Marusik and Alireza Zamani are the two archaeologists that published the papers which christened the new species. The spiders were found in the Geno Biosphere Reserve of southern Iran, and in the Alborz Mountains of northern Iran. Both species come from the same family, Filistatidae, which boast a common name of Crevice Weavers, as that’s where they like to build their homes. As the paper notes, the spiders “are venomous, but do not pose a risk to humans,”which is probably what Spider-Man would want.  Read on to get a look at these suckers! (more…)


Considering all the hate that Spiderman 3 gets, it still has its redeeming qualities. However, the threequel is generally remembered as being a huge misstep for the web-slinger, with the over-cramming of characters and villains, the “emo” Peter Parker, and the “terrible job of bringing Venom to the big screen.” Moreover, having just come off the back of the critically acclaimed Spider-Man 2, it seems that the studio were wanting to up the ante the third time round. Thusly, what most people seem to forget is that a lot of the blame for the shortcomings’ in the third movie were due to studio interference. However, it seems that Sam Raimi has now yielded to the torrent of criticism and admitted defeat, which is a sorry state of affairs when it boils down to how it actually panned out. (more…)


Dear-oh-dear, poor Spidey, and poor Sony. They were on a winning streak with Sam Raimi‘s Spiderman 1 & 2, then they became greedy and took away creative control from Raimi; and chucked him after the third film (which broke Box Office records despite the unfavorable reviews). Five years later (2012) Sony rebooted the franchise to mediocre reviews, with the second installment of the reboot receiving even worse reviews and under-performing at the Box Office. As we reported earlier on today, Sony executives will be having a Spiderman summit come January to decide where to take the character next. It has been the Sony leaks, due to the hacking scandal, that has sparked an interest in Spidey’s fate after it was announced that Sony had been negotiating with Marvel about introducing the character in Captain America: Civil War. Spider-Man plays a big part in the comic book story arc during Civil War Chapter and would have been a terrific addition. (more…)


So how does Stan Lee, arguably the father of the modern superhero genre, feel about the persistent rumor that Spider-Man is going to be revealed as bisexual in the comics?

He’s becoming bisexual? Who have you been talking to? I don’t know…Seriously, I don’t know anything about that. And if it’s true, I’m gonna make a couple of phone calls. I figure one sex was enough for everybody!

These were Lee‘s words when the subject was broached in the discussion shown below. Now, Lee‘s comments drew quite a bit of laughter, so it’s possible it was all a crafty imitation of a crusty, curmudgeony geezer who would overreact to such news–Stan‘s a savvy old dude 😉

His punchline: “I figure one sex was enough for everybody!” is telling, as it sounds like a deliberate misunderstanding of bisexuality for the sake of humor.

He also had this to say when asked his opinion of Amazing Spider-Man star Andrew Garfield:

Oh, I think Andy Garfield is great as Spider-Man, absolutely great, In fact, I would have picked him for the first Spider-Man movie if he had volunteered.

No one asked the implied question of whether this means he believes Garfield‘s Spidey is superior to Tobey Maguire’s, so we’re left wondering….

Sorry, Tobey 🙁


Chances are you really aren’t interested in watching America’s Got Talent when it premieres on May 14. But you probably WILL be interested in letting that shit play on in the background until they air a 4 minute super preview of The Amazing Spider-Man, starring Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone.  It’ll be on at 8pm/7pm Central on NBC this coming Tuesday.

We’ve got a 30 second preview of the super preview below.  But before we get to that… we also have snippets of an awesome interview that Tobey Maguire did with Andrew Garfield, officially passing along the Spider-Man baton.  Can’t wait for July 3, guys!  (Especially since I’ll have had laser eye surgery a couple of weeks before that.  I just found out today and I’m super excited so excuse the gushing.)

Check out the preview, and then hit the jump for some interview tidbits!


We may all know him from his gig as “Spider-Man”, but Tobey Maguire , after a large amount of time out of the spotlight, returns to film. Don’t string your hopes up too high, his next project will not have him playing a superhero or in front of the camera. Tobey Maguire and his production company Material Pictures are set to produce a unique young adult sci-fi film titled The 5th Wave with GK Films.  The film is based off of author Rick Yancy’s trilogy of books, which is an Alien invasion novel with love at its core. Now while some of you may be rolling your eyes at the prospect of a movie that is half ‘Independence Day’  and half ‘ Twilight’, but take a listen to the possible plot for the film.

“When the human race is on the verge of extinction, one of the last survivors on Earth, an extraordinary teenage girl, goes on a mission to track down her younger brother who was abducted by the extra-terrestial creatures colonizing the planet. She is forced to align herself with a young man who holds a secret. Together they are they only ones to save mankind.”

If you are on the fence about this, then you are not alone. This film is directed towards a young adult audience, but we can hope that Tobey Maguire and the creative team he is working with can manage to make this as lactose intolerant as possible because if there is one thing sci-fi movie fans will not stand for is another cheesy story line with actors to match.

Aside from that, there is no word yet on who will feature in the film or when it is green-lit for filming. Even though it seems that today’s film is geared toward the “Twilight” sci-fi/lovey-dovey era, do you think this film has merit or will it bust before it hits theaters?

5 minutes off the presses of TheHollywood reporter, Spiderman 4 and COMPANY, Maguire,Raimi and Dunst, anr Gone with the Wind. And the biggest movie franchise of the decade is starting fresh. THR:

Columbia has scrapped “Spider-Man 4” and is rebooting the franchise.

The studio is parting ways with director Sam Raimi and “Spider-Man” stars Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst and is taking the web slinger’s alter ego, Peter Parker, back to high school.

The new movie, which will have a new director and cast but still be produced by Avi Arad and Laura Ziskin and Marvel Studios, is eyeing a summer 2012 release. It will use a script by James Vanderbilt and put the focus back on a teenager grappling with normal teen problems while also dealing with his superpowers.

Well this will lend well to a group of nameless OC, One Tree Hill kids playing Spiderman. This is shocking news. Raimi, always the optimist:

Said Raimi: “Working on the ‘Spider-Man’ movies was the experience of a lifetime for me. While we were looking forward to doing a fourth one together, the studio and Marvel have a unique opportunity to take the franchise in a new direction, and I know they will do a terrific job.”

Brothers…Read Review, Skip Film

Brothers. Or, “When Great Movie Premises Go Horribly Wrong”. This movie is a tour de force for 3 of the powerhouse actors in the film, supposing to show that, yes, they can actually act and nothing more. So goes the story of “Brothers”. (more…)

Given his history with Sammy Boy Raimi I would have expected this sooner….

Its been reported and confirmed by Mr. Bruce Campbell himself that he has a major role in the upcoming Spiderman 4. Given his tidbit parts in the first 3 films it is being assumed across the board that Campbell will be finally taking a step into the role of a villain. Ah, an asshole nemesis is perfect for the King Baby. Speculation is gearing towards the Lizard or Mysterio as the potential bad guy to hang Mary Jane from more Wuthering Heights. The other theory is that it may just be another one of his comic cameos that wrenches Spidey’s fate down yet another variable road. Either way it’s always fun to see Bruce flash across the screen, with or without his boomstick. Boomstick preferred.

Campbell told Access Hollywood that Spider-Man 4 is set to begin shooting January 2010