Tobin Bell


There was old saying, back in the glory days of grindhouse films and low-budget slashers: “When the gore stops flowing, viewers stop showing”.

The now infamous Saw horror franchises obviously took this saying to heart, when they ran their 6 sequels to create a run-away horror mega-hit that finally went out with more of a whimper rather than a bang, with Saw 7. However, there is a bit of good news to share with all our gorror readers, as Saw Legacy was recently announced to have moved out of development hell and into production, backed by a very peculiar writing team…


Saw VI Review. Six Saws, More Fun!


All Hallows Eve is upon us, and of course it would not be complete without another game  from our friendly neighborhood serial killer.  Jigsaw has joined the ranks of Freddy and Jason, and for this generation we need a good slasher, and Jigsaw fits the bill(well most of the time).  After the forgettable effort of Saw 5, I was pretty sure this series had no more wind left in it’s sails.  I was ready to be underwhelmed and snoring by the halfway point, but  thankfully from the moment the movie started it gabbed me and didn’t let go until the credits were rolling.  It has all you love about the series without a lot of the filler the series has became guilty of in the last few films.  Even 6 films in, it still managed to keep me guessing all the way to the end.  Finally, when the GOTCHA twist is finally revealed well, goddammit they got me AGAIN!  Bloody savages.