Shogun Warriors Movie On The Way?


So last week, here on NerdBastards, we reported on how Toei was working on two CGI remakes of Captain Harlock and Gaiking. As reported, it will indeed be Light Stage, the fine folks that worked on Avatar and Benjamin Button, will be working on the Gaiking project. After the Tokyo Animation Fair, we learned that what was suppose to be a show will now be a full length CGI/Live Action film and apperently Ain’t It Cool News got some more info about the project as well. They report that all this will now somehow lead to a Shogun Warriors movie. Shogun Warriors was Mattel’s line of Giant Robot toys based on anime from Japan from the 70’s (which also included Godzilla, the King of Monsters) and also a Marvel Comic line came out of it as well. Shogun Warriors consisted of Gaiking as mention above, Getter Dragon (Dragun in SW), Mazinger Z, Great Mazinger and more.

Now I’m all for a Giant Robot movie since I love them growing up and have watched a few of the Japanese anime as well as played Super Robot Wars games because of this. The big news is that they will be building life size modes of the Robots for the movie in order to make scenes more realistic as it can be. Japan has recently last year built a life size Gigantor and Gundam statue and it was awesome but to see a life size Mazinger Z would literally be orgasmic to me. What do you guys think, any of ya’ll interested in a Shogun Warriors movie or is Giant Super Robots something of the past. One last thing, the treat we get is that two images that we posted last week, well, the footage the images are from has been released as a teaser trailer and check after the jump for it.


CH1Early this week, Toei announced that they will be releasing all new CGI versions of Capatain Harlock and Gaiking, two classic Animes from the 70s, that will be released worldwide at around 2012. Just recently they have released a few images for the two upcoming CGI projects and boy do they not disappoint. Harlock just looks bad ass and the image of Gaiking just makes the little boy that love giant robots inside me dance. We also learned that staff and works that worked on Mobile Suit Gundam UC, Appleseed, and Ninja Scroll are working on Captain Harlock while Light Studio, who worked on Avatar, Spider-man 2-3, and Benjamin Button, is working on Gaiking. You know being an anime fan, I always thought CGI would be the future for anime since you still get that cartoon feeling but looking so damn awesome. Check after the jump for more images. (more…)

DB01Digimon, Digital Monsters, Digimon are the Champions! When Digimon came out, I was obsessed, got the Digital pet as I thought finally a boy version of Tamagotchi came out. I played the card game, watched 4 out of the 5 anime series, and collected the figures, all while being obsessed with Pokemon at the same time. Last week, WeMade brought its Korean made Digimon MMORPG to America as Digimon Battle and I got into the Beta. The Open Beta is of course free and one can go here to join. If you would like to know what your putting your self into before you go on and do some adventures in the Digital World, maybe this post will help you decide if it’s worth your time or not. Now join me, as go on to the Digital World after the jump. (more…)