Toilet Gamers

Yes folks, your eyes are not deceiving you as this is a picture of gamers playing video games while sitting on the toilet. Sure it may not seem completely sanitary but just think about it? You won’t be needing to pause the game to go take care of some “duty” (heh, I said duty) and you wouldn’t need to buy some adult diapers.

Hell, this could even prevent some World of Warcraft players doing the “poop sock,” in which I hope the name explains it all for you… if not, just google it. The only negative I see in this pic is that the neck might get stiff but there’s ways around that. What do y’all think? Is this really just a dumb idea that will make folks say WTF? Or could this be something that can be in every gamer’s bathroom?

Larger size image available after the jump.

Source: Geeks are Sexy


X-Men Toilet…


We realize beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and that Art is awesome because you’re only limited by you imagination…blah blah blah. However you should also know that when you put your items on the internet you have just given us the OKAY to LOLZ at you. An unnamed ‘artist’  has ‘created’ and is selling a toilet covered in  X-Men comic cut outs.  Questions…1.) when did you decide plastering shit (not literal) to a toilet would be a super smart use of time? 2.) who this hell is buying this? 3.) can you poop in it? If you can then we like it a lot more. The ‘Artist’

The seat has been covered with the ads from the various companies that advertised back issues, showing the prices for available issues in 1991. The seat lid features the Magneto cover and assorted images of the Master of Magnetism from all the issues. The back of the seat lid features the “Blast From the Past” centerfold poster, with only X-Men as the background, no bad guys or filler pics. The bottom of the seat is glossy images from the deluxe edition only. It’s shiny and makes a wonderful frame for the lid back when opened…..The credits for the issue, along with the indicia, are intact on the base, along with the author’s name in large letters from an ad featuring his novels. After all the separate images were glued in place, they were coated repeatedly, first with the glue sealant, then with 5-6 coats of polyurethane. The whole process took upwards of 80 hours and a full pint of polyurethane.

If any of you buy it please send us pictures of it in use.