Tom Brevoort

Marvel VP Praises Comic Re-Numbering

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When Marvel Comics introduced their Marvel NOW! re-numbering initiative that also saw the House of Ideas re-shuffle their creative teams, writer Mark Waid’s Daredevil maintained its count because, quite clearly, it made no sense to re-number a book that had so successfully and recently re-launched.

In the spring, though, Daredevil will begin a new volume with a fresh number 1 issue right around the same time as Marvel launches an Elektra solo book. Are these two events linked? Almost certainly, as Marvel likely figures that Elektra fans will be more apt to jump onto a fresh Daredevil title then they are likely to go back, purchase, and read three dozen back issues before being caught up, but despite the volume switch, this isn’t a hard reboot of Daredevil. Waid and artist Chris Samnee are sticking around as co-plotters and the character’s history remains in place.