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In keeping with the now well-established tradition of rebooting everything within ten years of last production, Tomb Raider will be the next to jump on this gravy train.  First, the video game series got a make-over and now, naturally, the movie series needs its own new attempt at greatness.  And it looks like they just picked up a writer in the form of Buffy alumni, Marti Noxon.

If you don’t know Noxon, she worked as both a writer and showrunner on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, back in the day.  She also happens to have her hands in the production and scriptwriting of all sorts of stuff, from Mad Men to Glee.  So maybe this means that Tomb Raider v2.0 has a better chance at not sucking?

Unfortunately, no other details are current available about the new attempt at the franchise.  So I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what Noxon can bring to the table.


Thanks to /film for the heads-up.

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The Tomb Raider franchise has been out of the movie business for near ten years now, which is about the aging time it takes before Hollywood looks at a property and tries to recycle it for lack of new ideas.  With the recent release of a popular new title in the Tomb Raider video game series, it looks like this reboot may finally be coming to fruition.

GK Films, the company that grabbed the film rights up in 2011, will be joining forces with MGM to create a new Tomb Raider for a new generation.  And the old generation too, of course, since we’re still around and haven’t really aged that much since the last flick.

Sorry folks, but there’s no info on what to expect and certainly no names attached to the project yet.  We can only warn you that it is coming.


Thanks to /film for the warning.


40 may be the new 20–or whatever, but apparently not if you’re the most popular heroine in video game history. For now that a Tomb Raider reboot featuring a fresh, young Lara Croft is in the stores, Variety reports that the newest installment in the game’s film franchise, previously starring Angelina Jolie (Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle Of Life), will be following suit–assuming it ever gets off the ground: The third cinematic outing of the buxom adventurer/archaeologist has spent the last few years in Development Purgatory.

The last anyone heard concerning the project was back in 2011, when it was reported that Iron Man writers Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby would be penning the screenplay. There’s not been a peep since, and Variety has not mentioned if they are still attached to the film.

This new iteration is being developed by Crystal Dynamics and GK Films. Crystal Dynamics head honcho Darrell Gallagher spoke of their new vision for the franchise and partnership with GK:

“They are working from this new take that we’ve given them. It’s a good partnership. We’re seeing the challenges through the same lens.”

He continued,

“It was important for both of us to have a cohesive version of the franchise. We didn’t want to see a film version that was a continuation of the old Tomb Raider films.”

Granted, restarting the series with a 21 year old Lara Croft is not the stupidest idea to pop up over the several years a third Tomb Raider film has been in development, but 86ing the only star power this frankly weak franchise ever had (the only things I enjoyed about these films were Lara’s wetsuit and Chris Barrie) and starting from scratch strikes me as risky….if not a foolish and rather transparent attempt to cash in on the popularity of origin stories like Batman Begins, Casino Royale, or X-Men: First Class.

Show me a star and a director, and maybe my tune will change.

Source: Cinemablend


The game that is. Yes, we are now rebooting video games, welcome to the future.

The classic 90’s action adventure game that turned a few hundred polygons into a sex symbol (it was a simpler low-res time) will be coming back to the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC on March 5th of next year. Simply titled Tomb Raider, the game will focus on the gritty beginnings of fictional English archaeologist/tight shirt enthusiast Lara Croft. The tale of how she went from a young and innocent girl in a muscle shirt to a hardened woman bent on survival in a torn muscle shirt.


So, Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics took to the games official Facebook page today to reveal a dozen new screenshots. As much as I want to groan at the thought of a video game reboot, I do have to say it looks pretty. I would go so far as to say it looks like they are taking the franchise into Uncharted territory.

Yea, I meant it that way. Check out the pics after the jump.



Okay, so almost everyone will own up to the fact that the Tomb Raider films with Angelina Jolie pretty much blew and most definitely could foresee a reboot happening.  However, recently it has been rumored that the hottie from House, Olivia Wilde may be playing the lead role of Lara Croft in the upcoming films.

Apparently, Wilde’s performance in Tron is what sources say made them want her for the role (are we sure it wasn’t that suit?).  In all seriousness though, I really dig Wilde and most definitely think she would make a great Laura Croft.  She’s a great combination of sexy, sass, and action star to pull it off.

So why exactly make a reboot of Tomb Raider?  Possibly to salvage the name and finally make some good movies to represent it.  It is reported that,

“This would be a far darker and more serious Tomb Raider movie, the idea is to get a top director and an intelligent script and make this an empowering character for women as well as a popular one with men.

Although Wilde’s rep is denying the rumor but there is nothing solid saying for sure that Wilde is not set to play the role.  So do you guys think Wilde would make for one badass Tomb Raider??

Source: ComicBookMovie, OnTheRedCarpet


Early last month, we got a look at the cover of a Game Informer mag that featured a new Tomb Raider game that showed a dirty and younger Lara Croft. While there were a few folks who were open to the new look and style, we did get the “Eww she’s dirty and looks like a man” and the “Where’s her boobs?” comments.

If you were one of those folks that complained, well, it’s time for you to shut the fuck up as the new details for the game sounds pretty damn good. Here are the details:

Lara will be 21 in this game; There will be “brutal” death tracks, including a “deranged” man stabbing Lara in the chest and a boulder trap that crushes her head; Concept art shows a bow, shotgun and pistol; Aiming is now free and not locked onto targets; The linear paths are gone, with Crystal Dynamics saying the player “can literally go any direction” and “carve [their] own way to the finish line;” There are “base camps” in the game which act as areas to combine items and improve skills, and also unlock fast traveling; You’ll need food and water to survive.

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting a cool adventure-survival vibe and if Crystal Dynamics does this right, we may see a proper revival of Lara Croft. If the new details don’t help, then click the jump button to check out some awesome looking pictures for the upcoming game, especially the first image since it’s a dirty and wet Lara on her knees (you know you’ve all imagined her in that position).