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Accomplished filmmaker Tony Scott, the man behind such hits as Top Gun, Beverly Hills Cop II, and Enemy of the State, died Sunday afternoon from an apparent suicide near his San Pedro, California home. According to authorities, Scott jumped from the Vincent Thomas Bridge in San Pedro at 12:35 pm local time. The coroner’s department and LA port police report that he jumped “without hesitation,” and that a note was found in his office.

There’s been a lot of initial speculation as to why Scott, brother of Prometheus filmmaker Ridley Scott, might have killed himself. Scott has enjoyed a recent string of box office successes as director including last fall’s Unstoppable; he is also an accomplished producer on the big screen (Prometheus and The Grey) and the small screen (the upcoming mini-series’ Coma and World Without End  and the ongoing series, The Good Wife on CBS). ABC is reporting that Scott had recently been diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor, which might have driven him to suicide.

Tony Scott is survived by his wife Donna and their two children.

Update: Digital Spy is reporting that Scott’s family is denying the reports of a brain tumor or other serious illness.

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Villains are the characters that fascinate us the most. So, it’s genius to have a comic-book that is solely from the bad guys perspective. This is probably why Mark Millar‘s Nemesis tickles nerd fancy, as it does just that. For those unfamiliar with the series, it focuses on sort of a negative Batman (all the money and toys, but none of the morality) who is the worlds only super villain.

Nemesis Movie-

Back in August it was announced that rights to make Mark Millar‘s  over the top villain centered comic ‘Nemesis’ had been optioned by 20th Century Fox with Tony Scott (Top Gun) wanting to direct. Millar recently flapped his gum’s about the project:

The Nemesis movie is the next thing we’re all starting to get quite excited about. Hopefully in the next few weeks that’s out with a screenwriter, and hopefully when the screenplay is done in a few weeks time, we can really get moving on that.

Now, the first real step in actually making a movie has been taken. Television writer Matthew Micheal Carnahan (brother to Smokin’ Aces director Joe Carnahan) is one hooker and a can of Pepsi away from signing on to write a screenplay based on Millar’s comic. Caranhan’s work includes television series you’ve never watched: Dirt, Fastlane, Thieves, Trinity and so on.
Nemesis is rounding out to pretty savory ride, but is it sellable? The comic features attacks on the Pentagon, bombs on the President of the United States and the innumerable deaths of heroic characters like police officers. Eh, the terrorist will LOVE IT!

NB Exclusive: A Closer Look at Unstoppable


A runaway train, Denzel Washington and Chris Pine; an equation for an unstoppable movie!  Based on true events, director Tony Scott (Top Gun, Man on Fire, Deja Vu, Enemy of the State) recreates the day a runaway train carrying chemicals was destined to cause havoc on a small town.  Now while the plot may seem simplistic, there in lies the beauty of this film.  Pine is on his first day of work and basically Denzel is training him to take his job (hell of a first day on the job!),  The film relies on raw human emotion, not just the acton; but TRUST me there’s tons of that too!

Unstoppable (Nov. 12) has been compared to Speed on a train, and honestly I see NOTHING wrong with that!  Recently, I had the opportunity to speak with Ben McGinn who was Chris Pine’s stand in for the project and pick his brain about the film.  Check out the interview where he tells us about what it was like to work with Tony Scott, what exactly a stand in does and what it his experience was like on the set of Transformer’s 3 after the break!