There’s more exciting news out of the Annecy Festival D’Animation in France. Back n December there was an announcement that Genndy Tartakovsky‘s Samurai Jack was making its way back on to television. Now we’ve got our hands on some promotional art for the new series. The Prime Time Emmy winning series will be hitting Cartoon Network during Adult Swim‘s Toonami block of programming. Let’s take a look. (more…)

Toonami makes it’s triumphant return to Cartoon Network this Saturday and below is the schedule as announced. Don’t worry if one of your favorites isn’t on the list. This NerdBastard is sure that more will be added and substituted as series finish. A lot of those listed don’t have that many episodes anyways.

12:00 a.m. – Bleach
12:30 a.m. – Deadman Wonderland
01:00 a.m. – Casshern Sins
01:30 a.m. – Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
02:00 a.m. – Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd GIG
02:30 a.m. – Cowboy Bebop

What do you think of the starting schedule?

What’s missing that you can’t wait to see added?

Sweet Jesus: Toonami is Back!!!

What started out as a cruel April Fool’s joke turned into a massive outcry to bring the cherished Toonami back to Cartoon Network. The will, the want and the need from fans to have our childhood returned to us was truly phenomenal. Tweets were tweeted. Angry comments were written. Songs had been sung. It was marvelous. Well, it appears Cartoon Network was listening. In a recent tweet made by Adult Swim, they stated the following:

“Attention Toonami Faithful: We heard you. On 05.26.12 ##ToonamiisBackBitches”

What? Do my eyes deceive me? Is it true, will great anime and TOM, Toonami’s CGI host, really come back to us? I’ll believe it when I see it on my TV, but here’s a preemptive “fuck yeah!”


First launched on Cartoon Network in March 17, 1997, the original Toonami block was dedicated to airing a variety of action animation. The popular block ran regularly on weekday afternoons and later Saturday nights, until its final broadcast on September 20, 2008.

Finally its back!

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April Fool’s is the day that pranks run rampant, and Adult Swim pulled all the stops with their prank and brought back the 90’s. Toonami was re-animated and brought back from the dead, for a one night engagement that had the internet a-buzz! As a child of the 90’s, Toonami was by far what I would attribute to my love of anime and all the great memories of after school viewings. Not only did this April Fool’s Joke take me back in time, but it also debuted new material from TOM, Toonami’s CGI host, created just for the joke.

Now while many sat in their own versions of “The Twilight Zone” as they watched all the goodies of Toonami, others immediately voiced their joy/demands that Toonami be brought back and become a permanent member of the Adult Swim broadcast. The following are some of the many Tweets gathered from the #BringBackToonami TwitterFeed:

Initially started as a request by Adult Swim as feedback on the Toonami broadcast, it has now become a large snowball of activity that is rolling down the hill and gaining large momentum. So much momentum, that Adult Swim had to quickly respond:

So for those who got to see Toonami on Adult Swim April 1st, what’d you think of the flash from the past and of its possible resurrgence to television.


Yeah…so this happened. While I may like Yahh Trick (yeah, the censored version), I really don’t care for Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em since his music doesn’t do much for me. Well, Soulja recently release this track, titled Anime, and like the title of this post says…I died a little inside. Seriously, I felt like my life force was slowly draining away from me while listening to the 3 minutes of this… thing (I can’t even call it song).

Folks, if you do listen to this, you’ll notice that all the anime he says has aired on Toonami/Adult Swim. Y’all know, shows like Dragon Ball Z, Inuyasha, Death Note, and even Case Closed. He also goes on saying how his like Goku, Gohan, Vegeta, Piccolo, and shooting fire balls like Trunks (Nerd Rage: They are KI BLASTS!! NOT Fire balls!). Also, something about Pikachu and diamonds.

So what do y’all think? You think this is a next hit waiting to happen or is this just utter shit (sorry about the language but that’s how I feel about this). Tell us by commenting after the jump.

Source: Topless Robot