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Person of Interest is perhaps the best nerdy show on TV you’re not watching. Why? Maybe it’s because of the procedural elements, or maybe because it’s on CBS, but whatever the reason you’re not watching, you’re robbing yourself of the pleasure of one TV’s most underappreciated treasures. But now there are no more excuses. The first three seasons of Person of Interest are now available on Netflix, and then on Tuesday, you can watch the entirety of season four when its added to the streaming service. (more…)


(Yes, this is from that superlatively nerdy Verizon commercial with the whole family in Star Wars costumes.)

As nerds of a “certain age” (I’m making the assumption that at least the majority of our readers are “legally” adults), it is our responsibility to ensure that the hallowed traditions of our subculture are passed down to the next generation. Younglings must be schooled in the ways of comics, sci-fi/fantasy, gaming (video and otherwise), pop culture, film and television, so that the Way of the Nerd will live on long after everyone reading this has become one with the Force…

And one of the best ways to achieve this is to utilize that nerdiest of all holidays: Halloween. (more…)

The Top 10 Nerdy Films of 2012


We like to think that it’s a nerds’ world at the movies, and certainly there’s been a lot of press in the last few years to back that up, but in 2012 it seemed especially true.

Developing a Top 10 List of the best of the nerdiest films this year was no easy feat, even with high-profile disappointments like Prometheus, John Carter, and The Amazing Spider-Man, but we were still able to do it. Some of these titles maybe obvious, but they all have one thing in common, they prove that in the genres of sci-fi, horror, fantasy and action, the year 2012 was far from the end of the world. Cinematically speaking, at least.

Here’s the Top 10 Nerdy Films of 2012.  (more…)

(Welcome to Comics Rewind, a weekly column devoted to discovering – or re-discovering – great comics published some time in the past. Here you will find looks back at comics published in every era, from the Golden Age to the Modern Age, as well as retrospectives on the work of important comics writers, lists of “essential” comics, and evaluations of important works, as well as works worthy of a second look or a wider audience. Enjoy!)

Since we’ve got The Amazing Spider-Man creeping up on us in just a couple of weeks, I thought it would be fun to take things in a Spider-Man direction here at Comics Rewind. But here’s the thing: I couldn’t decide on which one to feature. So it’s list time!


Top 10 Most Influential Nerds in Film

This is a rough list to pick, fellow nerds. Perhaps more than any other art form (except comics or game design, I guess), the film world is infested with nerds of all kinds. With the exception of some of the actors and producers, nearly everyone is a geek in some way, from the tech guys who find new ways of doing things to the CGI guys who build giant computer Balrogs to the directors who put it all together. For the purposes of this list, we opted to go with the most recognizable influential nerds of the film world. We’re also sticking to people who are alive, so please don’t be too upset that Gene Roddenberry and Stanley Kubrick aren’t on here. These are the guys that have made the biggest impact, as far as geekdom is concerned, in the film world, whether that be through the success of their films, the cultural impact they made on their chosen genres, or both. So, here they are, in no particular order.


Top Ten Superhero Movie Goons

Whenever we watch a movie with a superhero, the first thing we see is the villain and his second in command (aka Head Goon). They can come in any form, with any power, and have a motivation that is similar but slightly different from the person they follow. They are armed with crazy bodily abilities, wit, and weapons that are used so fluidly they could be seen as an equal caliber of danger compared to those they serve. Every villain has one, and at times when the boss fails these goons can carry on the torch of vengeance, or die an epic, but slightly drawn out death. So let’s step through the evil hierarchy looking glass and see the top goons in Superhero Movie lore…


Did you miss your daily dose of top ten? Well so did we, and this week we give you the best type of Top Ten which is all about 90’s cartoons. Don’t worry these aren’t just any run of the mill cartoons. No, these are the ones that got brushed under the rug and didn’t really get the respect they deserve. ‘Cause even though some of today’s cartoons are slightly great, you gotta admit that a part of you yearn for that guilty pleasure that no one else got or appreciated.  So take a seat, and reacquaint with some cartoons that will have you searching them on Google faster than you can read this paragraph.

Tiny Toon Adventures (1990)

We start off the Top Ten List with Tiny Toon Adventures. Released in 1990,this show was cut short in 1992 with the gained popularity of the Animanics. What made this show seemingly unappreciated was that this really brought back the otherworldliness of Looney Tunes Universe, and parodied current events of the 1990’s and Hollywood so that we could fall in love with this type of comedy again. Ultimately it kept the classic Looney spirit, while managing to adapt to the times, which would spearhead other comedies to come.



10 Nerd Movies That Don’t Need Remakes

We live in an age of quantity when it comes to movies. Quality flicks are made, quite a few of them in fact, but the Hollywood engine is more concerned with turning a profit than it is with posterity. This means a lot of movies will go through half-assed, and it also means lots and lots of recycling, from sequels to prequels to reboots to remakes.

There are times when this can be a good thing. Good re-imaginings of timeless characters and inventive remakes of forgotten or overlooked movies not only produce quality work in their own right, but their turn new eyes to the old work, and that’s when revivals happen.

But more often than not, we end up with unwelcome tinkering in the affairs of fans of the original flicks, and far too many times those fans are us, the nerds who have been loyally worshiping material that other people watched once and then forgot. There are countless remakes in the works right now, not even counting the numerous rumored remakes. Here’s a list of 10 flicks for nerds Hollywood should leave the hell alone.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

OK, so this wouldn’t necessarily be a remake of the TV series. More likely this would be a re-imagining of the more cliche-ridden but still cheesily entertaining 1992 film that Joss Whedon then turned into one of the most popular universes in modern pop culture. Details on this one are sketchy, but seeing as its rumored that one of the chicks from Glee might play Buffy, it doesn’t look too good. The biggest tragedy here is that Whedon isn’t even done telling Buffy stories of his own. The season 9 comic is on its way this fall, and this supposed re-imagining of the universe is due out the following year. Who knows what sort of Twilight-inspired direction they’ll take this thing, but it’s safe to say we won’t want it.


10 Reasons to Love ‘Game of Thrones’

If you’re at all familiar with George R. R. Martin’s epic A Song of Ice and Fire novels, you’re probably already destined to watch HBO’s massively ambitious adaptation Game of Thrones when it premieres Sunday night. If you’re down for badass epic fantasy in any way, you’ve probably already got your calendar marked and your TiVo programmed so you can watch the premiere over and over.

But if you’re still on the fence, or you’re considering that HBO subscription, or you’re just not sure what’s going on with this show, we’ve got you covered. First, take a look at my review of the premiere episode, “Winter is Coming,” then take a look at this list of 10 reasons why you’re guaranteed to love this show.