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HUGE Flashpoint #1 Reveal

The DC Comics Universe is about to get a little weird.

Beginning this week with Flashpoint #1, the DC universe has slipped into something not-quite like an alternate universe. It is confirmed that what is happening is indeed real, with all the characters you know and love in slightly different positions. For example, Abin Sur (the purple alien who gave Hal Jordan the Green Lantern ring) is NOT dead, and Bruce Wayne may not be Batman … he’s kind of a casino mob boss (or something like that).

I really don’t know much, because it’s all pretty hush-hush. But, it is an important event that will span all the corners of the DC universe with long-lasting ramifications for everyone. Not just the Flash.

But, we do have one thing to reveal to you from the last page of Flashpoint #1. Now, beware, as this is 100 per cent entering into spoiler territory for those of you who read DC comics (via Topless Robot). But, if you are interested, then click below the jump!

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This is the time of year to be reflective and look at the things in our lives that bring us joy and happiness. (Que birds chirping, light that double rainbow!) For many of us it’s a tough time with the economy struggling and families fighting to stay afloat. (Que Empire theme music . . . Dum, dum, dum, dum, da dum, dum, da dum.) It’s easy to forget the good things. The simple things that make us smile each morning and dream each night, but that’s for regular people.

We’re Nerd Bastards!

We’re not worried about the everyday things, we’ve got those covered. We have Rumbas to clean our floors, web cameras to watch our homes, Ipads – Ipods – Iphones – Ipoops – and any  other techno babble item you can stick an “I” in front of to help us through our day.

So what should Nerd Bastards be thankful for?

I’m so glad you asked:



Several months ago Game Informer showed us what had happened to the once proud city you made great again by blowing up every gang member that had a stranglehold on it. Now it seems you are a lone exiled officer with a vast array of rediculous weapons and must rid the city, seemingly, of mindless zombies. The new weapon styles range from mini guns, to electro magnetic mines that pull heavy metal objects to one another and a blaster that literally de- molecularizes your enemy and melts him as he is blasted off his feet.

Coming soon to a store near you. Via ToplessRobot

Who’s Your Daddy

Topless Robot nabbed some bad ass fan footage of  Harrison Krix of Volpin Props, and he details exactly how you can make your own Big Daddy here. If I had any savvy with arts and crafts I would wear this thing to work EVERYDAY. Check it out. Some people go the extra mile…Some go 500 more, just to be the man that would walk a thousand miles and fall down at your door.


This is badassery at its finest. D&D lined up with your favorite movie characters…Can you ask for anything more? I wonder if they match up perfectly, or if there are better suitors for these alignment matchups out there? Take your pick, these are all hilarious..Thanks to ToplessRobot for the find.

Click on the Chart to expand it for a better look…

Thanks to ToplessRobot for this hilarious tip. It wasn’t too long ago that Luke and I had the idea for another website (in development) of ours, to have a sexy chick disrobe from the Imperial Stormtrooper garb (Thats all the tidbits you get). This is a hilarious vid, and worth the whole viewing…But spoiler alert to an overeagaer NerdBastard…Watch the full vid Before you Rock out with…Ya know…

The long awaited children of Han Solo and Leia Organa — specifically, the twins Jacen (far right middle) and Jaina (far right bottom), stars of a few Dark Horse comics and countless  novels and trilogies will finally hit the toy shelves come 2010! Along with a varying assortment of other characters.

Those books have been available for quite awhile. I’m surprised they didn’t do this sooner, what with release of the episode 1 series, and the 97 Jacked edition where even Leia appears to be on Juice!