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You may recall a few years ago when Kevin Smith released his first horror film (then to be his second last film ever) Red State, he went somewhat off the deep end when it came to film criticism of his work. Compounded by the somewhat disappointing response to his Bruce Willis buddy cop movie Cop Out, Smith went on repeated tirades about why he shouldn’t let critics see his movies for free when they’ll just dump all over it, and how if critics want to see his films early then they should pay him. Of course, this was in the midst of Smith’s DIY kick and his big plan to leave the studio infrastructure in the dust, a plan that he seems to have abandoned along with his retirement plans. But now that he’s ensconced in critical praise again following the Toronto International Film Festival premiere of his new film Tusk, Smith says he’s willing to let bygones be bygones with the critical mass once more. (more…)


In an act of exceptional universal synergy, after premiering the first trailer for his new horror movie Tusk at Comic Con this past weekend, Kevin Smith has lucked out with a slot at the Toronto International Film Festival for the world premiere of the film. TIFF announced it’s Midnight Madness line-up today, the annual portion of the festival dedicated to genre fair that screens every night at midnight at the Ryerson theater. Notable alums of the program in recent years include Dredd, All Cheerleaders Die, Green Inferno, The Raid, John Dies at the EndLords of Salem, Occulus and Seven Psychopaths. So aside from Tusk, what films have made this year’s cut? (more…)


World War Z was one of this past summer’s biggest surprises, not only was it a worldwide box office sensation, but it had to overcome some significantly bad press concerning its production in order to get there. Of course, in Hollywood success breeds sequel speculation, and if you want to get the latest information on a subject, you go to the source, like a movie’s actor and producer.

Variety caught up with Brad Pitt at the Toronto International Film Festival, at which Pitt is promoting the award-baiting 12 Years a Slave. When asked about World War Z and a World War Z sequel he seemed very optimistic. “We have so many ideas on the table from the time we spent just developing this thing and figuring out how the zombie worlds work,” Pitt explained. “We have so many ideas and so much information – we think we have a lot of stuff to mine from.”

But Pitt was careful to add, “We gotta get the script right to determine if we go further… We’ll wait and see how the script turns out, but yes, I’d love to come back.”

Considering that the first film had to go back into production after the third act was totally re-written, it’s probably a smart movie for Pitt to focus on getting the script solid first.

What do you Bastards think? Wanna see a sequel to WWZ?

Source: IGN