Around the world there are thousands of addictions that afflict millions of people, from an addiction to the ladies (guilty) to an addiction to twinkies (double guilty). Yet, how is addiction combated overseas where the largest addiction isn’t drugs or b00bage, it’s video games. It may look like torture to us but what these kids in South Korea are going through is meant to curb or even kill their gaming addiction. Where playing hours of Starcraft and collapsing grades are slowly becoming the norm, this may have become the best form of rehab since nicotine patches.

Just what is this torturous child punishment?

Parents of these mouse addicted children are sending their offspring to boot camp, not to stop their playing entirely but to teach them a sense of self-control.They are forced to roll around in snow, learn to ride horses and spend their time pursuing more creative endeavors. Instead of taking away your kids Playstation or Wii for the weekend maybe you should be sending your brood to one of these ass kickers for the weekend. Sure, it could very well be illegal to do this to our children here but in places like South Korea you get desperate and that means desperate measures. One of the little hardware hellions had this to say about their experience:

“My mom forced me to take this course because I have played video games too much. I hope this course would better me, so I could quit playing and give more focus on studying.”

If you didn’t play games so much this never would have happened to you in the first place. I guess it’s not all bad, maybe they even give you an X-box achievement after you complete your boot camp experience.

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Those eyes are freaking me out man!

You know, anything now a days can be considered torture if done right. Hell, even a fat boy like me would consider it torture if I was forced to eat 5 bowls of ice cream a day everyday. It seems one Florida inmate has filed a lawsuit claiming that he is being tortured by the jail because he is being “forced” to watch the same movie over and over again.

James Poulin, who’s in jail for killing someone while driving intoxicated, is not happy with the movie choices since the jail facility was forced to drop cable due to the digital transition and thought the taxpayers doesn’t need to pay for the facilities cable bill. The movie choices you ask? The facility seems to only show Saving Private Ryan, Black Hawk Down, and The Polar Express on repeat. It seems that Poulin doesn’t mind the war flicks but does have a problem with Robert Zemeckis’ film and is suing to get more choices of flicks.

While I can understand that maybe being forcde to watch those dead-eyed kids over and over again can be painfu,l but dude, you’re in jail and the moment you decided to drive drunk and kill someone, let’s just say that I don’t think you have the option to choose whatever movie you want to watch. Hell, I say Poulin is lucky to be able to watch anything seeing how the facility doesn’t really need to show them movies.

What do y’all think? You think he is being “tortured” by watching the same film over and over again or do you think he is getting what he deserves? Also, what movie would you considered to be painful to watch over and over again? Tell us by leaving a comment after the break.

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Review: Saw 3D


All Hallows Eve is upon us, and of course it would not be complete without another game from our friendly neighborhood serial killer. Jigsaw has joined the ranks of Freddy and Jason, and for this generation we need a good slasher, and Jigsaw fits the bill(well most of the time). After the forgettable last few installments, I was pretty sure this series had no more wind left in it’s sails. I was ready to be underwhelmed and snoring by the halfway point, but thankfully from the moment the movie started it gabbed me and didn’t let go until the credits were rolling. It has all you love about the series without a lot of the filler the series has became guilty of in the last few films. Even 7 films in, it still managed to keep me guessing all the way to the end. Finally, when the GOTCHA twist is finally revealed well, goddammit they got me AGAIN! Bloody savages.

Overall the film is very much the same as Saw VI (2009) which was also directed by Kevin Greutert. But that seems to be the structure for the Saw films for some time now. Like many of the sequels it has converging stories. The battle rages on , as Detective Hoffman (Costas Mandylor), Jigsaw’s apprentice who has resorted to out-and-out murder in order to keep his little secret, searches for Jigsaw’s ex-wife, Jill (Betsy Russell). This time around, Jill has gone to the police revealing Hoffman’s secret. The manhunt begins for him as he makes every attempt at finding her for a little bloody revenge. Much of this story involves an internal affairs detective, played by Chad Donella , going from location to location picking up clues here and there that could lead him to Hoffman. And finally we have Jigsaw’s newest torture tested victim Bobby Dagan (Sean Patrick Flanery). Dagan and his family and friends are put through the gauntlet of traps because Dagan, a self help guru lied and about saying he escaped from a trap by Jigsaw–but he never WAS in a trap by Jigsaw.

Sound like a lot? Suprisingly, this is far more simplistic than it sounds. The previous Saw films have far more complexity to their narratives. Part of what I like about this movie is because of the fact that all the other films have tied up many of the loose ends. What is left, is a tight and engaging narrative free of too many bullshit subplots that lead to nothing. There were just enough flashbacks to keep things confusing so you knew you were watching a saw movie, but I never got lost. The simiplicity is welcomed, but the converging stories are unsatisfying. It’s bland, disconnected and unisipired. Mainly because the philosphy of Saw is lost in this one. The motives and intentions of Jigsaw himself have been forgotten. Saw 3D is a revenge story and not a lesson in valuing life.

The acting in the film is typical just like the rest of the series. Some of the acting is really good and some is really bad. Some of the best acting highlights in the film were Tobin Bell, Costas Mandylor, Sean Patrick Flanery and of course Cary Elwes. The low acting point would have be a very awkward Chad Donella and a few other other smaller roles in the film.

That traps? They are back and they are as nasty as ever, if there is one thing this movie delivers on, is fantastic gore. Sawing, crushing, dismemberment, explosions, nerve gassing, impaling, skinning, hanging, incinerating, facial mutilation, tooth-pulling. It might be the most splatter-heavy Saw film to date.

A word of caution (although you may be expecting this now): the 3D is a total waste of money, there are maybe one or two cool limb flying effects utilised in the whole 90 minute movie. Completely meaningless usage.

Is Saw 3D the perfect conclusion to the long drawn out horror/torture franchise? It runs down a checklist of required components, delivering mayhem and suspense. It’s predictable, outlandish and head-slappingly silly. Redundant and stale. So, no. It doesn’t even come close to being a satisfying conclusion, but the bottom line is it wrapped the franchise up, answering (most) questions and was a fun film along the way.

Saw 3D has been marketed as the “Final Chapter” in the Saw film series, but whether or not the filmmakers continue the flagship torture porn franchise, as a spin-off, prequel, or yet another sequel, remains to be seen. What a started out as a small psychological thriller, turned into the best horror franchise ever created. It can’t be over. After all “If it’s Halloween, It Must Be Saw!”