total drama


It was a veritable “Murderer’s Row” of voice talent from Total Drama at Toronto ComiCon. After talking to Scott McCord, Megan Fahlenbock and Drew Nelson, we moved down a few spaces to Kristin Fairlie, Brian Froud, and Christian Potenza. Topics of conversation with this triad included the weirdest things they may or may not have ever had signed, and how closely they get to know their fans working the circuit. How weird does it all get? Read on to find out. (more…)


At conventions, like Toronto ComiCon, the longest lines are for name brand celebrities who’ve appeared in cult favourite movies, or Joss Whedon-produced TV shows, but the real passion is along the sides and down the aisles. If you’re a voice actor from a popular animated series, you too can be a rock star in this venue, and so it was with three of the voice actors from Total Drama and 6Teen, Scott McCord, Megan Fahlenbock and Drew Nelson. Taking a few minutes out from meeting and greeting fans, the trio talked about working the con, the nature of obsession, and the differences in doing it live. (more…)