Toy Fair 2013

Nerd action figure enthusiasts, like myself, are privileged to buy just about every pop culture character that ever was/is. Seriously, pretty much every iconic character from film, TV, video games and more have spawned little plastic figures honoring their image. I’m not complaining. No, I’m thrilled! I am, though, running out of shelf space. That, and my wallet and fiancee are not so understanding.

Money, storage and g/f problems be damned, because, thanks to the New York International Toy Fair (which happened this weekend), 2013  is looking like another killer year for plastics.

Toy Fair 2013 showcased all types of toys to choose from, classic toys from yesteryear, new movie tie-in toys, and toys for all ages, brought forth from the wacky minds of the toy masters at Mattel, Lego, Hasbro and many, many more. These are the products that will be hitting store shelves everywhere all year long that may flop, or become the hottest must have toy for Christmas.

Thanks to internet leaks, and work from other bloggers, we’ve rounded up the biggest and the best.

Take a stroll through the New York Toy Fair courtesy of NerdBastards “Gallery of Toys” and get your second hand look at NECA‘s Kick-Ass 2, and Lone Ranger line. Hasbro’s Star Wars, G.I. Joe:  Retaliation and Transformers, Marvel Legends/Avengers figures. Mattel‘s Masters of the Universe, DC Unlimited, Classics TV Batman, and Watchmen collections. DC Collectibles Man of Steel and, much, much more!

Check out the massive (90) picture gallery below and let your fellow NerdBastards know which are keepers and which will clutter store shelves until their thrown into the 50% off bin in the comments section below.

Note: Release dates and other deets are not provided. Please see our sources (ToyArk, ToyNewsi, ComingSoon) for more information.



Toy Fair 2013 – an insider/industry toy convention – is going on right now in New York. Loads of pictures and updates of upcoming toys and collectibles will be making their way around the net. Nerd Bastards will post what we can when we can.

One line of toys that has been getting some buzz, is from Warner Bros. and Zach Snyder’s Super Man reboot Man of Steel

Mattel will be creating a line of toys for the film in their Movie Masters collection, and they have debuted Superman, Zod, and Jor-El. Now, they have given our friends over at MTV Geek the first look at Kryptonian villainess Faora. I wouldn’t categorize this Superman toy as a spoiler, but this is the first time we’ve gotten to see what director Zack Snyder’s iteration of the character (played by Antje Traue) looks like. Check her out below:


Faora is Zod’s (you will kneel before him!) right hand goon, and, based on her outfit, she’s a part time BDSM sex slave/mistress.

I’ve never said this about an action figure before, but she’s got purrty lips.

The figure its self will be on sale in June for $14.99. You can see Man Of Steel when it hit theaters June 14th of this year.