Toy Hunters

Last month, we broke news about Travel Channel‘s pilot series Toy Hunters, a show featuring toy and collectibles dealer Jordan Hembrough and his team as they travel the country searching for rare and valuable pop culture toys and collectibles. In promotion for the January 15th premier, we at Nerd Bastards‘ HQ held an exclusive Q&A with Jordan Hembrough. I seriously suggest you read  it. Even if you’re not big into toys, Jordan’s personality, passion and perspective on toys is infectious. Anyway, Jordan needed to score big ratings, or else TC wouldn’t pick the show up for series. Apparently, the channel found it hard to believe viewers would be interested in grown men playing with toys. Well, jokes on them because…

After several hundred thousand viewers and a network record for the most Facebook activity to ever be seen for a Travel Channel show, Toy Hunters has been green-lighted for a season of 12 half-hour episodes! That’s six solid hours of the rarest toys and most sought after collectibles you might never see again. It’s like watching Indiana Jones find the Ark of the Covenant people.

Here’s the official release from The Travel Channel:


In our search to un-bend our wookies, Nerd Bastards caught up with Jordan Hembrough, the host of Travel Channel’s Toy Hunters. The show premiers this Sunday (Jan. 15th) at 11:00pm on Travel Channel and it’s totally worth checking out. I know finder-type shows, like American Pickers, Storage Wars, Pawn Stars and so on are becoming a dime a dozen, but this one is for nerds, toy freaks and anyone susceptible to nostalgia. Having seen an early screening of the show, I can tell you seeing Jordan and his team search for rare and valuable plastic treasures, talking about their history and geeking out along the way will put a big dumb nerdy smile on your face. It’s fascinating and fun! I also may have shit my pants when I saw an un-produced rocket-firing Boba Fett from Star Wars sell for $17,000. These maybe toys, but this ain’t child’s play.

So, Jordan, the toy hunter himself, found some time in-between swimming in his vault of toys( like Scrooge Mcduck) to answer a few interview questions…