Tracy Morgan


I was really hoping that someone had photo-shopped an Iron Throne made out of Emmys instead of swords because it would be very apropos to Game of Thrones virtual sweep last night at the 67th Annual Emmy Awards. The HBO series grabbed 12 Emmy Awards last night, breaking West Wing‘s (1st Season) 9 Emmy award wins in 2000 for a single season. Game of Thrones had earlier won 8 Emmy awards at the Creative Arts Emmys which celebrates technical and other similar achievements in American television programming. Which four did the series win last night to push them over the top? (more…)


There are quite a few less then favorable reviews of Kevin Smiths new flick “Cop-Out” and this is not one of them. Is it a great film? Is it with out moments of mediocrity and awkwardness? No. Despite it’s minor flaws “Cop-Out” is a homage to the interracial buddy cop films of the 80’s (Lethal Weapon, 48hrs) and delivers to which it parodies. It’s a fun ride that will pistol whip you with hilarity and will remind you of a sub genra once forgotten.

The plot, which is a little silly but doesn’t really matter with these types of buddy cop films: Detective Paul Hodges (Tracy Morgan) a cartoonish, motor mouthed, simpleton with a gun and his tough, world heavy partner/friend of 9 years Jimmy Monroe botch a major bust are swiftly suspended for being renegade cops who play by their own rules. This couldn’t have come a worse time, because Willis’s daughter (Michelle Trachtenberg) is about to get married and he needs to raise $50,000 to pay for her big day. So he bites the bullet and is about to sell his father’s priceless rare Andy Pafko baseball card when a drug-addicted parkour enthusiast (Seann William Scott) steals the item and sells it to a drug lord named Poh Boy (Guillermo Diaz). This sets in motion a comical chain of events in which Willis and Morgan try to retrieve their stolen property, catch the bad guys and, if time permits, prove that Morgan’s wife (Rashida Jones) isn’t cheating on him.


Yikes. Hero and Hollywood/Jersey stalwart director Kevin Smith’s new film is trailing. And whilst seeing Sherlock this weekend the coming attraction for “Cop Out” was definitely giggle worthy. Tracy Morgan and Bruce Willis?!?!? What an odd couple!! This will be a riot!!

Actually, not only did I have NO idea this was a new Smith vehicle (I’m a ViewAskew Purist), it doesn’t look anything like what he normally would helm. And the film title Cop Out? Was changed from his ” Couple of Dicks” that we all new was never going to get Warner Bros. approval.

So the trailer is ok…Just remember it’s a Smith movie…

Artie Lang Busted For DUI

Artie Lange was busted Friday for suspicion of DUI after a car accicent, and I, as a huge Stern fan would like to say… What the Fuck!? Artie, with his self made rehab, his mother taking his blackberry, two officers follwing him around at all times, this two week July vacation spelled disaster to anyone who knows the Stern Show. Two whole weeks with Artie having nothing to do but get himself into trouble? He surely delivered.

Apparently, Lange has been alcohol free, heroin free, and lost a huge amount of weight as he closed in on the 300lbs mark. So as they left for vacation Artie was upbeat and “Enjoyin’ his Sobriety!” As Tracy Morgan would say, so I hope this is just a misunderstanding and theres a reasonable explanation to all of this.

But they return live on Monday, and I can’t wait to see what goes down. Because no one in that studio will give him any room for excuses and as good a liar as Artie is….I want to see him talk his way out of this one.