Transformers: The Last Knight

Michael Bay (Armageddon, The Rock, Bad Boys) has spent the last decade spending somewhere in the neighborhood of $1b to bring Hasbro’s toy line to CGI life. Worldwide, moviegoers have embraced Bay’s emphasis on slo-mo, explosives-heavy action, robot-on-robot action, and crude, low-grade humor. Of course, those same moviegoers have proven time and time again that story, character, and dialogue mean next to nothing to them. Here’s the thing: They have a point. Mute the dialogue in Bay’s latest contribution to another “Summer of Sequels, Prequels, and Reboots,” Transformers: The Last Knight, and it’s almost a tolerable experience. Bay’s special set of skills put him in unique company. He can deliver massive, massively scaled controlled chaos like few other directors can. But he’s also a limited moviemaker, incapable of finding or developing scripts with recognizably human characters, believable dialogue, or humor above the second- or third-grade level.



So what’s Transformers: The Last Knight about? That questions persists no matter the trailer, or clip, or any piece of promotion they release for the film. This movie is bizarre. It’s got Autobots, Decepticons, Dinobots, Nazis, Arthurian lore, Academy Award-winner Sir Anthony Hopkins… Talk about a mixed bag. Adding confusion to the confusion is this new international trailer for the fifth in the Transformers series, which shows off a bunch of stuff happening at the bottom of the ocean, and in space, and on the moon, and at Nazi headquarters, and some point, all of this will probably make sense. We hope.  (more…)

One shouldn’t really look for much in these Transformers movies, a little action, some explosions, maybe an uplifting line from Optimus Prime to spur the troops, just some light entertainment. This final trailer for Michael Bay‘s latest Transformers: The Last Knight really tries to make you feel the feels, but let’s face it, those feels just aren’t there. Optimus Prime turning traitor should rip our hearts out, Prime trying to kill Bumble Bee should be devastating, but it’s just not there. Check out the trailer and prove us wrong. (more…)

Transformers: The Last Knight is coming to a theatre near you in a few months time, promising an insane mash-up of Arthurian legends, Second World War stories and whatever the hell the last couple of Transformers movies have been about. If you can’t yet get your head around what’s coming with The Last Knight, not to worry, maybe the answers will be found in a follow-up film. Over a dozen of them, according to the franchise’s director Michael Bay. Fourteen is the exact number the filmmaker revealed at a recent appearance, which means 14 more opportunities to be stymied by wondering who out there is loving these movies. (more…)

The enigma juggernaut that is Transformers: The Last Knight rolls on with the second full trailer, which is embedded below. Now we’ve heard a lot about this movie: it’s got Nazis! It’s got King Arthur and the Knights of the Roundtable! It’s got Optimus Prime going bad! It’s got Sir Anthony Hopkins! It’s got Goonies! Well, sort of. This new trailer focuses on none of the other “What the…?” stuff that’s been introduced before, but on a young girl named Izabella and her precocious friends who seem to live in a Transformers demilitarized zone, and the only one there to help them is Mark Wahlberg! (more…)

The paradoxical existence of Transformers: The Last Knight has generated its fair share of intrigue. It’s got King Arthur! It’s got Nazis! It’s got Anthony Hopkins! What, oh what, are we to make of this entire enterprise, and will this finally be the Transformers movie that’s a hit with both fans of the franchise and fans of huge, mindless action movies? It’s doubtful, but it’s going to be fun watching Michael Bay try, and more than that, Bay is actually making the point that this movie, perhaps his last Transformers picture, will be the one to make us all believers! Are you ready for some Bayhem?!?!?! (more…)


The promotional pieces for Transformers: The Last Knight continues to preach doom and gloom for Bumblebee fans with another troubling look at the yellow hero in this latest movie poster. The first trailer was filled with Bumblebee betrayal and while many are crying fake out, the powers behind the movie’s marketing are doubling down with another image of the fallen Bumblebee. (more…)


What exactly is going on with Transformers: The Last Knight is a question inside an enigma and smothered in secret sauce. We know that the film will feature characters from all four previous live-action films, and that it will also feature King Arthur and Merlin for some reason. As non-sequitur flashbacks got, it’s not as bad as having the Transformers in Ancient Egypt, but Medieval times is still an odd place to find ROBOTS THAT TURN INTO CARS AND PLANES!!! The next level oddness is that The Last Knight will also seemingly flashback to World War II, but in the process of shooting that scene Michael Bay has stepped on some highly vaunted toes. (more…)

Let us take a moment to recognize the general lack of imagination in the Transformers movie franchise. By and large, each movie is about the evil Decepticons, with the occasional help of some evil humans, trying get their hands on a robot MacGuffin that the Autobots and a ragtag group of friendly humans have to stop them from acquiring. Throw in one or two major cities destroyed and you roll credits on another bombastic Transformers adventure. Sadly though, this news takes lack of imagination to a whole new level. For some strange reason, there’s a part open for King Arthur in the upcoming Transformers: The Last Knight, and Michael Bay could apparently think of no one better than an actor with previous King Arthur experience. (more…)