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NBC tried to squash the little web series, but through determination and the outpouring of fans Untitled Web Series About a Space Traveler Who Can Also Travel Through Time couldn’t be stopped. Inspector Spacetime, as most of us know it, is working on its second season and they just cast the voice of B.O.O.T.H. or Bio Organic Omnidirectional Time Helix. Think of her as the Inspector’s TARDIS. If his TARDIS could regularly talk with him and starred on a hit 90s sitcom.

Mayim Bialik (Blossom, The Big Bang Theory) worked with series creator and star, Travis Richey, at ACME Comedy Theatre in Hollywood and after reconnecting a few years ago Richey asked Bialik to join the show. It’s only an audio role for now, but I wouldn’t put it past them to pull a “Doctor’s Wife” in the future and involve Bialik in a more fleshy, tangible capacity.

On casting Bialik, Richey said,

I am beyond thrilled to have Mayim involved with the series. Besides being an amazing actress, she’s a brilliant and wonderful human being. Her take on the personality of the BOOTH made us go in and completely rethink the character. It’s so much more interesting now, and of course we had add more lines for Mayim.

Bialik added,

I am thrilled to be part of the Inspector Spacetime world. As a Doctor Who fan, Inspector Spacetime satisfies all of my theatrical and nerdy desires. Putting on an admittedly poor fake British accent and working with the awesome and talented Travis Richey made me feel like a bonafide nerd-girl.

Yes, because her role on Big Bang must make her feel like a fake nerd-girl. I kid, I kid. I’m stoked for Bialik to voice the B.O.O.T.H. and I can’t wait to hear what kind of personality she brings to it. Now, we just need to get Karen Gillan on board and they’re set! Richey told us at Gallifrey One they’ve written a role for her, so come on guys, start asking!

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Oh, what’s that? Just some Daleks cruising the halls of the LAX Marriot last weekend during the world’s largest and longest running Doctor Who convention, Gallifrey One, celebrating 50 years of Doctor Who and 24 years for the completely fan-run convention. Gallifrey One is a pilgrimage for Whovians of all kinds, offering plenty of Who-centric entertainment from their wonderful guests to sketch comedy shows to a fully judged Masquerade to one wild karaoke, where it isn’t unheard of for a guest or two to perform. I’m looking at you Tony Lee and Richard Dinnick.

But back to those Daleks, I managed to capture a short video of their hallway hi-jinks that you can watch below. There’s also a few more photos in the gallery at the end of this post, including ones where you can see many of the convention’s guests, like Sylvestor McCoy (7th Doctor), Nicholas Pegg (Dalek operator, otter), Frazer Hines (2nd Doctor companion, Jaime), and Dan Starkey (Sontaran Strax), signed one of the pepper pots.


The first episode of the unapproved, Community-inspired Inspector Spacetime web series — titled  Untitled Web Series About a Space Traveler Who Can Also Travel Through Time has hit the net. You can watch the episode  below:

Originally started as a show within a show during NBC’s Community it has since gained popularity at an alarming rate and it has also but is also made it’s creator Travis Richey a fair bit more famous than he was previously. A self-promotion machine and entertainer of all trades, the star of YouTube hits Robot, Ninja, and Gay Guy and 2 Hot Guys in a Shower saw potential in the forty seconds of air time the Inspector initially had.

Since then Travis and company have been hard at work on the Insp… the Untitled Web Series About a Space Traveler Who Can Also Travel Through Time and took a few minutes out of his busy editing schedule to speak with Nerd Bastards. We discussed everything from Travis’ beginnings as a podcast host, the development of UWSASTWCATTT into the phenomenon that it’s grown into and a certain Doctor Who star that has openly admitted to loving a certain Inspector. So let’s all climb into the time traveling phone booth and get this party started!

EDITORS NOTE: This interview was conducted mid July, but was never published. It got lost in the shuffle during San Diego Comic Con.

This one probably qualifies as old news, but sometimes awesome news falls through the cracks, like that time that I either interviewed Jesus or had an ether hallucination.*

Travis Richey, aka Inspector Spacetime, aka pottential NBC litigant number 42, nabbed Fallout: Nuka Break director Vince Talenti to helm the now re-titled, Untitled Web-Series about a Space Traveler who can also Travel Through Time.

When last we had touched on the Inspector project, NBC lawyers had sent the New Orleans Saints to execute a bounty on Richey, should he go forward with a web-series based on the network’s COMPLETELY ORIGINAL creation about a time traveler who goes galloping through time and space in a box on crazy adventures. Man, if something like that wasn’t just a throwaway bit on Community, and instead existed as a full length show that maybe aired on the BBC, I bet I would watch that, I bet it would be damn successful and totally open to parody. Oh well… I guess we’ll never know. Alright, I’m rambling now, allons-y. That’s French for “Lets go”, I can’t recall where I picked that up.

Anyway, as you can see from the new title, Richey has made adjustments to the character and concept in an effort to not tick off the network and their lawyers.

With regard to those lawyers, I have yet to confirm that they threatened Richey with a recurring role on Whitney, mainly because it is likely just a completely made up thing that some desperate internet writer made up to increase his word count and throw that awful Whitney show under the bus one more time before it retires to the Suddenly Susan wing of the cancelled sitcom ghetto.

For more on Richey and his project, including the very successful and still very active Kickstarter, go here. For more of my ridiculousness, seek help.

*We’re setting up a PO box to receive all the hate mail I generate, until then take those letters and stick them… someplace safe.

Well, this sucks. Only last week after a hugely successful panel at Gallifrey One we heard Travis Richey, Inspector Spacetime himself, was developing a web series around Community‘s Doctor Who-parody. Not anymore.

Turns out once NBC and Sony heard what Richey was planning and they sent in the lawyers. Here’s the update Richey posted to his Kickstarter page,

Lawyers from Sony and NBC have contacted me demanding that I cease production on an Inspector Spacetime web series. Though I firmly believe the law would be on my side in producing this parody, I have no wish or ability to fight a show that I love as much as “Community.” I had hoped that they would embrace what is essentially a fan film and appreciate the value it adds to the character, and the audience that we would bring who are finding “Community” for the first time through this character, but alas, that’s not the case. So, I will be removing all references to Inspector Spacetime from this series (it only happened in the title anyway), and altering the appearance of the Inspector so that he does not look like Inspector Spacetime. What remains is 100% the creation of myself, my writing partner, and you, the fans. If you would still be interesting in seeing the series that would have been Inspector Spacetime, I appreciate your support.

I reiterate, what a bummer. A particular shame since io9 recently shared out first look at the proposed series and it looked, AWESOME!

Here’s a video of the Inspector Spacetime panel at Gallifrey One, including a dramatic reading of the first episode.

The good news is the project isn’t totally dead. As of now Richey is still developing a webseries under the title, “Untitled Webseries About a Space Traveler Who Can Also Travel Through Time.” Huh? Wonder what that could be about? And he’s already raised $11,792 of his $20,000 goal, so I think he’ll have the cash to make it happen.

Hopefully by altering the name and costume Richey can avoid anymore legal action from NBC. Which only seems fitting since that’s how Community avoided any trouble from the BBC in the first place.

Community returns to NBC on March 15th, will the Inspector?

Source: Topless Robot

While The Big Bang Theory may be considered the television show about nerds, I think it’s Community which actually wins out as TV’s nerdiest show. If only for the fact it’s spawned a devoted fanbase for a fake show that is a parody of a show most people, upon being explained the premise, would think is fake. A Doctor Who reference, and one as meta and awesome as Inspector Spacetime, is pretty damn nerdy.

And it’s about to crossover from the fictional world to the real world, just like in some campy, sci-fi TV series. Announced at this weekend’s Doctor Who convention, Gallifrey One, Inpector Spacetime is becoming a web series. And not in the way of  Donald Glover and Danny Pudi recreating their weird, little fantasies like they do in the show. No, this is a real Inspector Spacetime show as seen in its first appearance.

The Inspector is played by Travis Richey and he’s who will be producing this six episode series.   In the first episode, of which there was a dramatic reading at the panel, the Inspector and his faithful Constable travel to Second New Old Earth 7, battle the Blorgons with his weapon of choice, the Optic Pocketknife, and come the end of the episode we ‘ll meet the Inspector’s arch-nemesis, Boyish the Extraordinary.

They also showed a slide show revealing much of the history of Inspector Spacetime, specifically those past actors who’ve played the Inspector, “Christopher Lee in the 1960s, Stephen Fry in the 1980s, and Steve Carell in the 1990s TV movie.”

If you’re looking to brush up on your Inspector Spacetime history, here’s a link. There’s also an “official” Tumblr for all your pictures and .gif needs.

There’s really be no word from anyone involved with Community about the proposed show. Richey said this to io9, clarifying,

Dan Harmon, Community, NBC and Sony have nothing to do with this web series. I pitched it to them after my first episode of Community, but never heard back from them one way or another. So I’m going to do it myself, with the help of fans. I’m launching a Kickstarter campaign in a matter of hours for an equipment budget, and the complete story can be read there.

I can see no reason why they’d want to squash a fan-made web series, particularly when the future of their own show is still up in the air. Hopefully with enough Kickstarter funding this becomes reality.

Come on, I’m sure you could spare a buck or two to see Inspector Spacetime live up to its fandom. Below I’ve included Richey’s plea to the fans from his Kickstarter page.

Source: io9 via The Mary Sue