Little Known Facts About 4 Next Gen Cast Members

When Star Trek: The Next Generation premiered in September of 1987 most people (including the cast and crew) didn’t give it much of a chance of success.

Fandom was excited to see Trek return to TV with Gene Roddenberry (creator of the original series) at the helm.  But almost immediately after it first aired, fandom lost its mind.  A captain who didn’t chase skirts or do flying jump kicks who was BALD!?!?!?!?  Not to mention there was a Klingon on the ship.  It is likely that if today’s troll community online had existed then that the show would not have gone on to air for seven seasons or spawn four big screen adventures.

One thing that immediately separated the new show from the original was the fact that it was a true ensemble show.  Every cast member would have episodes where they were the main focus and others where they were the B story.

So unlike the first article of this series where it was the non-leads of the original series that were brought to the forefront, this article picks a couple of the main cast and a couple of the secondary cast to highlight.



The first celebrity Q&A of Toronto ComiCon went to Denise Crosby. The actress is best known to nerdom as Security Chief Tasha Yar from the first season of Star Trek: The Next Generation, and as the producer of the two Trekkie documentaries, but lately she’s enjoyed a new limelight as a regular on the Showtime series Ray Donovan starring Liew Schreiber. Tonight though, the topics of conversation would likely all be Trek-related, and Crosby, wearing a skull-patterned cashmere serape and a smile, answered many fan questions with tremendous humor, Crosby easily won the room and set a fun and easy tone for the weekend. (more…)

Been out in the dating world recently? Yeah, kind of hard isn’t it? And you don’t have to tell me that those speed dating events they have at cons now are getting you no where. Indeed it seems that all the good nerds are taken.

Or are they?

If you love Star Trek and are currently longing in the love department, click your browser over to Trekkie Dating, where you can “Live Love and Prosper.” (I know. I read that too. Here’s some music.)

“A dating community that is light years ahead of others,” the website declares. “Find like-minded friends, romance, & convention dates with other Trekkies TODAY!”

Anyone can create an account for free and browse other users, but if you want to cross the final frontier and make first contact, you have to pay a subscription fee to set up dates and talk to other members.

So what do we think, Bastards? Brilliant innovation for the socially awkward, or one more dating site that isn’t going to find you the nerd girl of your dreams? Sound off below.

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It’s almost becoming a sub-genre unto itself, the documentary exploring the secret lives of geeks. And a group of geeks who are no strangers to public scrutiny and examination are the Trekkies, or Trekkers if you prefer. But now it’s their own captain who’s turning the microscope on the Star Trek fans to find out what really makes the culture tick.

Here’s the trailer for William Shatner’s Get a Life, a mission of exploration into the heart of the most intense fanbase around,

If you haven’t had the chance to watch Shatner’s documentary, The Captains, also for EPIX, then I really suggest you check it out in preparation for this doc. It’ll give you a sense of what a great interviewer Shatner really is. I know he has the reputation to hog the spotlight, and I can’t say he doesn’t keep a good amount of attention focused on himself – he is the Captain – but Shatner’s interviews are very engaging and, oh I just have to say it, fascinating.

Having seen The Captains, I’m eagerly awaiting Get a Life because I can’t wait to see Shatner turn his inquisitive mind to his own eager fanbase. It will premiere on EPIX, and on EPIX apps (Xbox, Roku players and more) on July 28th at 8 PM ET.

What do you guys think, will it be worth checking out?

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Picard’s Card Says What ?!?!

What’s Picard’s card say?

This photo was recently smuggled out of a convention photo shoot, but the message written on Patrick Stewart’s card was unfortunately blurred beyond recognition. Since we at NerdBastards have not seen any news about Patrick since this picture was taken, you can imagine our concern.

Help us out by submitting your thoughts on what the card says in the comments section below or on the corresponding FaceBook post. We’ll take the best and post it to NerdBastards’ Facebook page where you will bask in the glory of your fellow NerdBastards’ respect and adulation.


The internet, the great repository for all of mankind’s knowledge. It’s also a great place for nerd art like a Thundercat cat butt, bukkake with the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, ducks actually wearing pants and more. (editors note, I have never seen any of those things and am totally not curious… but if you want to email them to us…) This is what  we came across this week for your nerdgasm art lovin’ glory.

Canadians. Some would say sexy people, and the folks at the CW must have agreed, they did cast Laura Vandervoort to be Supergirl in Smallville. Well, sorta. Does she count as Supergirl even though she only half asses wore the costume? What would she have looked like as the last daughter of Krypton? Thanks to Daniel James Cox we now know. Super indeed.

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