In an age of endless remakes and reboots, all the oldies but goodies are being revived. Either on the big screen, or on the small screen, we are now once again seeing classics being repackaged and submitted for consumption by the masses. One classic sci-fi/horror film that has been long rumored to go down this route is Tremors. In the original, killer sandworms stalked the residents of Perfection, Nevada. The films had the right blend of comedy and horror and as a result, we got four direct-to-video sequels.


‘Tremors’ TV Show Finds A Home On Amazon

Tremors is a movie that brings back a lot of great memories; mostly just for being a fun movie. And, as you got older, you begin to realize how much fun the movie was. Late last year, many fans found a reason to get excited when Kevin Bacon (one of the movie’s original stars) revealed that the film would be adapted into a television series. Then more details emerged and fans learned that it would be a 10-episode miniseries. And just recently Bacon revealed that the show has actually found a home in the form of the Amazon streaming service. Now it’s only a matter of time when the show will premiere.



Finally! It’s been 25 years and four direct-to-video sequels, but Kevin Bacon is finally coming back to the role that made him famous(er) as one of the men that brought down the Graboids in the 1990 horror/comedy Tremors. A new series based on Tremors is now in development, with an initially 13-episode first season ready and waiting to be made, and although Syfy tried its hand at making a Tremors TV show more than 10 years ago, this time they have a secret weapon: a side of Bacon. Meaning that when and if this Tremors hits the screen, Kevin Bacon will star, and not just cameo. (more…)


Burt Gummer is back and you know he’s packing the heat. Known to millions around the world as the quirky father on Family Ties, Michael Gross went from the wrap party for Family Ties to the set of Tremors. You might not be aware, but the fifth film in the franchise, Tremors V: Bloodlines is about to come out this October. Universal has just released a new trailer for Tremors V: Bloodlines. (more…)


Remember Tremors? Okay, maybe you don’t. It came out nearly 25 years ago and it was hardly a box office success. It did enjoy cult status, but even that seems to have faded over the years and decades, leaving the pre-CG creature charm of the Ron Underwood film and the charm of a youthful Kevin Bacon left somewhat forgotten in the annals of movie-going. But you know who hasn’t forgotten? Universal. Universal Pictures produced several direct-to-video sequels and a Sci-Fi original series based on the movie, and because everything old is new, sequelized or rebooted again, Tremors is coming back, and coming to a Blu-ray player or video-on-demand site near you. And to prove it’s a thing, we have the first photo from the set. (more…)


What do you feel rumbling beneath your feet? A possible reboot, that’s what!

People don’t really talk about Tremors much but, dang it, it’s a damn fine film. Fun, scary and full of memorable characters, the Ron Underwood-directed film about massive man-eating worms might not have become as big as Jurassic Park or other monster movies but it still holds a special place in many horror hounds’ hearts.

Like all good things, it seems that Tremors is now being rebooted. This news comes from none other than the man who is allegedly going to direct the film. So what’s the deal?  (more…)


After last week’s Arrow review was published I was genuinely surprised by the response. Most out there on the interwebz loved last week’s episode, where I was less impressed. My biggest problem was its complete reversal of the recent developments about Brother Blood, basically halting any progress The Arrow (Stephen Amell) made into that investigation. Blood doesn’t appear in “Tremors“, confirming my concern over any recent payoff on that front.

Yet unlike last week’s tiresome episode, I found “Tremors” to be more enjoyable–shocking, I know, considering how much it focused on angry, angsty Roy (Colton Haynes). (more…)


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Nerd Cake Of The Week: TREMORS

Tremors cake

When I say the word Tremors what comes to mind? Do you imagine someone who “tremors in fear” or do you immediately think of those underground worms that search and destroy? Me, I think of search and destroy. Why you ask? Because personally, it is the one movie I can honestly say I never change the channel on. An oldie but a goodie I say. Now here’s the thing, as much as I LLOOVVEE this movie there is no way in hell I would have my wedding cake made in honor of it. There’s just something not right about having the bride and groom at the top of the cake looking down at giant, smelly worms that are only out to eat them. Am I the only one who sees a problem with this? Imagine with me for a moment…you walk up to the bride and groom and simply say, “Congratulations, now you are going to die.” What the f*ck! That’s just not right. So, here it is my friends, the Nerd Cake of the week. I hope you enjoy it, but please don’t get one!