Tribeca Film Festival


When Joss Whedon isn’t finding new and even more horrific ways to kill off his most likeable characters, he’s finding ways to entangle them romantically: Buffy and Angel, Buffy and Spike, Wesley and Fred, Zoe and Wash (R.I.P.), Mal and Inara, Simon and Kaylee, Jayne and Vera….you get the picture.

Ergo, it’s not surprising that one day he might write a straight-up romance–with a preternatural twist, naturally, this IS Whedon we’re talking about: Thus, we have In Your Eyes. And Nerd Bastards has the first 3 minutes of the Brin Hill-directed film–you guessed it–after the jump:  (more…)

In an effort to bring you an on-the-ground view of Nerd-culture, our Jason Tabrys is overseeing a series of guest-posts, written by his contributors from the now (sadly) hibernating nerd cult and culture site, This time, Tarun Shanker, WeLoveCult’s former chief movie reviewer and now contributor to, went to the Tribeca Film Festival to see the indie horror/comedy Eddie: The Sleepwalking Cannibal, here’s his review. 

Cannibalism has always been the most misunderstood of all the arts (right behind collage), but with writer-director Boris Rodriguez’’s darkly comedic debut feature, Eddie: The Sleepwalking Cannibal, this crime against humanity becomes accessible material, rich with commentary on the life of the artist and artistic process. The cliche that the creation of art is full of torture and suffering is taken a step further and literalized: torn limbs and half-devoured chunks of flesh are the pain and destruction, yet at the same time, pools of blood become wells of inspiration. It’’s an entirely gory process that rips a victim apart and lays their organs bare in order to lead to the birth of something new. And somehow, Rodriguez makes this all play out before us in a rather light, amusing fashion as his artist embarks on that delightful journey.

The artist here is Lars, a famous painter in the midst of a ten-year-long rut, who takes a teaching job at a struggling art school in the tiny snow-covered town of Koda Lake, Canada. Just days within arriving, he is asked to take in a strange, mute, man-child named Eddie after Eddie’s rich aunt (and the school’s main benefactor) passes away, leaving him without a guardian. As Lars is getting acquainted with his middle-of-nowhere home and the quiet giant under his roof, he wakes up one night to discover that Eddie is also a sleepwalker –– and not a gentle one either. The carcass in Lars’’s backyard and the blood stains around the somnambulist’’s mouth are obvious enough hints there. But Lars isn’’t so much disgusted by the sight as he is overtaken and driven by this newfound inspiration. In a fervor, he rushes back inside and successfully completes his first masterpiece in years.


I’d like to preface this post by saying that The Avengers is the one movie I’d like to see spoiler and judgment free. I’ve been avoiding trailers, clips, featurettes, interviews, comments, etc. – all so that the movies novelty won’t be ruined for me. I don’t want to be the guy that says “I’m sure I’ll still enjoy it, but the initial wow factor of seeing the Avengers Assembled on screen will result in a huge ‘meh’, I’ve been seeing this everyday for months”. That quote actually comes from resident NB writer Jeremy Hudson, who’s fan hope has been ruined by an onslaught of marketing. Point is, it was really hard for me to tackle today’s -Avengers heavy- super hero round up. You’ll just have to excuse my tip-toeing around the subject matter.

Anyhow, hit the jump for an assault of Avengers and post Avengers news. As well as few blips regarding The Amazing Spider-Man and The Wolverine.