And by the way, don’t point out the irony of hating franchises after completing two movie trilogies because Peter Jackson‘s already aware of that! Yeah, this is something that Jackson said in a recent interview while promoting the third film in The Hobbit trilogy, and the sixth Middle Earth film overall, The Battle of the Five Armies. Considering that Jackson owns a pretty big share of the credit for the Hollywood obsession with huge franchise pictures with big budgets and bigger box office, his comments are either bold self-examination, or hypocritical B.S. from someone who’s sold out and has too many regrets to allow himself to be able to live with them, so he’s spreading the guilt around. Either way, yes, The Hobbit director now says that franchises are ruining the business. Deal with it. (more…)


He may have spent over six years toiling on the final four Harry Potter movies, but British director David Yates is far from done with the magical world of J.K. Rowling. You may recall that in the works is a new spin-off trilogy based in the Harry Potter universe, but not based on any published Harry Potter materialCalled Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, the movie promises all the magic and wonder of the eight previous Harry Potter films but telling all new stories that don’t crossover with any characters we’ve already been introduced to. I suppose Warner Bros. plans to not just capitalize on the Harry Potter brand, but the knowledge and experience of the Harry Potter series’ most experienced director. (more…)


Congratulations to the three of you who got that joke in the headline. But now that it’s out of the way, it’s time to get serious about the third film in The Hunger Games franchise, Mockingjay Part 1. Six new character posters have been released to promote the film, featuring a look, but not a vast look, at the formally mythical 13th District of Panem. There’s a definite aesthetic to design of these posters, and even not so careful observers will see that there are a couple of characters missing from this collection. What do I mean, and who’s missing from this latest round of posterization? Check out the gallery below. (more…)


Relax, I didn’t just mean to imply that Marc Forster, the man who gave us the worst Daniel Craig Bond Quantum of Solace and the accidentally decent World War Z, is doing another half-assed Total Recall reboot. Nope. But he is taking his next movie to the red planet, that is to say he’s using Mars as a setting and not actually going to Mars, with an adaptation of the sci-fi book Red Rising. What is this Red Rising I speak of, and will you want to see it in theaters? Read on. (more…)


So James Cameron is talking again about the Avatar sequels. You’d think with two years till the scheduled release of the first movie in the Avatar sequel trilogy that Cameron would be busier putting the whole thing into actual production rather than talking about it some more, but here doing more press. No big deal, because Cameron’s always got something interesting to say, and this time he kind of stepped in it when he dared to imply that his trilogy could be compared to The Godfather. I realize this isn’t as bad as if he were to say “the original Star Wars trilogy,” but it’s still quite a statement. (more…)


In the year 2000, along came an Alien-esque horror/sci-fi called Pitch Black. It featured a character called Riddick played by Vin Diesel, a convict who could see in the dark, and both the movie and the character proved popular enough that the studio greenlit writer/director David Twohy to make a follow-up film that was more epic in scope and scale, and The Chronicles of Riddick was released in 2004.

But that’s where the fairytale ends. Riddick bombed and Universal wanted no more from it other than maybe a couple of video game licenses, but that wasn’t the end of the franchise. A couple of years ago, Twohy and Diesel combined their resources to buy the rights to the franchise from Universal, and went into production on a third Riddick film, which is scheduled for release later this year.

But suppose for a minute that Chronicles of Riddick had been a smashing success, what would the follow-up might have looked like. Thanks to Comic Book Movie, that question was put to Twohy himself:

“Had Universal said to us, ‘Let’s roll over, let’s pick it up right at the end of the last movie’ and funded it, we would have ventured into the Necromonger underverse and we would have had a big The Lord of the Rings-style movie on our hands. But That didn’t happen, so cleverly Vin and I got the rights back and produced it ourselves on a smaller scale. That said, it still looks like a big movie. I think the audience will see the tip of the hat to Pitch Black, but they won’t feel claustrophobic.”

Twohy has previously talked about his original game plan in turning Pitch Black into The Hobbit basis for a Lord of the Rings-like Riddick trilogy. That’s almost a shame because I kind of like The Chronicles of Riddick and I would have like to have seen another big adventure in that universe. But perhaps the smaller in scale Riddick will suffice. I guess we’ll find out on September 6.

Source: Blastr

We all remembered those extended editions of The Lord of the Rings, right? Well, that book is a 1,000 page tome that only a combined running time of nearly 12 hours could do any justice to.

The Hobbit, meanwhile, is a 300 page book, and the first film that’s based on it, the first of three, comes in at 2 hours and 49 minutes. So what could possibly be left to say in the finished film? Surely there won’t be a litany of deleted scenes or the chance for an extended edition this time like there was with the first Rings trilogy.

Or will there?

An enterprising fan put together a montage of stills from the trailers for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey on Imgur that reveals just how much may have been cut from the finished film. Surprised? Horrified? Bored? Take a look at the slideshow below and ponder, just how long a director’s cut of An Unexpected Journey might be…

Source: Cinema Blend

Now that the announcement has been made, the paperwork signed, what is to come from the aftermath of the $4 Billion acquisition of the LucasFilm by Disney? The future is full of opportunities, but more on that later. It’s the past that has a slight hiccup or two.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, 20th Century Fox has retained the rights to the first six movies and will own Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope forever.

This makes any hope of a owning a unedited version of the original trilogy very difficult.

With everyone jumping on the “screw you Lucas” train, what do members of the original cast have to say about the deal? With rumors that this new trilogy will be an original tale that leaves those cast decades ago relying on public appearances and residuals. Well, in an interview with TMZ Peter Mayhew, who played everyone’s favorite Wookie Chewbacca in the original Star Wars films, spoke up on the issue.

“I have no doubt Disney will respect and continue the legacy of Lucasfilm. I have worked with Disney for many years during their Star Wars Weekends Celebration and seen how much they love the films and the fans. [Disney] has an excellent track record for listening to the creator’s voice!”

At least someone cares. Even the most hated man in the Star Wars universe, one Jar Jar Binks played by Ahmed Best, has hopes for the future.

“George has always been a hero and a mentor. I am happy that the saga will continue.”

While many of us have spit in the wind at the mere mention of anything new coming out of Skywalker Ranch that involves any new trilogy it may be time for new beginnings. If the studio was planning a reboot or anything along those lines then we should be up in arms and if they make a new trilogy big deal. Just don’t go to the theater and watch it, problem solved.

Sources: /Film, Blastr


Ever since the announcement Peter Jackson was going for gold – sorry, too much Olympics  – and turning The Hobbit into a trilogy everyone’s been asking one question. Why? The answer being who cares give us moar! Then they move on to another question, what will the title be? Early on we heard rumors two possibilities were The Desolation of Smaug and Riddles in the Dark. Those were sniffed out by Fusible through investigating some interesting domain registrations.

Now, the folks at TheOneRing.Net has come across two more potential titles New Line has just registered: The Battle of the Five Armies and The Desolation of Smaug. So that’s two votes for Smaug, meaning Riddles is probably out of the running. But what about the addition of Five Armies? That’s an interesting and most definitely attention grabbing title, and being a climactic moment in the book it would make for a grand finale.

But then, that brings us back to The Hobbit‘s first two titles, An Unexpected Journey and There and Back Again. Does There and Back Again work as the second title in a trilogy? It sounds very final, alluding to Biblo’s return to the Shire. Maybe that title get’s thrown out all together? Or maybe Back Again will still be the title of the third film with either Smaug or Five Armies being the second film?

GAH! It’s impossible to keep guessing! Let’s hope they release an official title soon and put an end to our obsessing and speculating. Y’know, so we can move on to freakin’ out over something else.

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