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‘TRON 3’? It’s Dead, Jim.


The Grid giveth and the Grid taketh away. Things were looking up so high for TRON 3, its cast was coming together, a director was onboard, and a start date was set with studio space booked in Vancouver, the stage that hosted TRON: Legacy. Joseph Kosinski was going to direct, Olivia Wilde and Garrett Hedlund were going to reprise their Legacy roles, and with a little bit of good luck, Daft Punk was going to lay down some funky beats for the soundtrack. But no, just as quickly as TRON 3 became a thing, it’s now not a thing, and instead Disney will put its efforts into something probably either Star Wars or Marvel related. So what happened? (more…)


TRON 3. No, wait! Don’t run away! Look, I think many us might concede that TRON: Legacy was a bit of a disappointment; 18 years of hype will do that. You may recall that at the time there were all these great expectations about TRON becoming Disney‘s next great franchise: movie trilogies, animated series, theme park rides, video games and merch, merch more. However, that’s not how it all turned out, and since those early days following TRON: Legacy‘s release in December 2010, the idea of a third TRON has been more or less speculative as opposed to being something in actual development. But is that about to change? Film location insiders in Vancouver are saying, it might be. (more…)


Tron: Legacy wasn’t as good of a film as it could have been; weak on story telling and what not. Criticisms aside, it was still a fun movie with stunning visuals, exhilarating thrills and a pulse pounding soundtrack. The world and general idea of Tron is something most fans want to see more of (more Olivia Wilde in a skin tight light suit, come on son!). A third Tron film has been in talks for a while. We know Disney and director Joseph Kosinski are plotting away with the possibility. At the pace they’re going, however, it seems it’ll be another 28 years before another film will actually happen. Giving a more solid update comes Once Upon a Time creator and Legacy writer, Adam Horowitz who says (via Forbes) plans for the third film are indeed still moving forward: (more…)


The International trailer is out for Joseph Kosinski‘s (Tron Legacy) new scifi epic Oblivion starring Tom Cruise. We’re getting a little better look down this scifi rabbit hole. The tone of action in this trailer is a bit more intense then the last one, which seemed to key more on Cruise’s characters confusion. There’s an interesting block of text that appears after the video ends which says:

A court martial sends a veteran soldier to a distant planet, where he has to destroy the remains of an alien race. The arrival of an unexpected traveller causes him to question what he knows about the planet, his mission and himself.

Which is considerably different to the earlier tag text from the first trailer:

On a spectacular future Earth that has evolved beyond recognition, one man’s confrontation with the past will lead him on a journey of redemption and discovery as he battles to save mankind.

What do you think so far? I’m planning to check out this movie at the theater and from all I’ve seen so far it looks like a fun movie. It’s certainly nothing like fellow Scientologist John Travolta‘s Battlefield Earth boondoggle.

Oblivion opens in theaters everywhere April 19th with early screenings in IMAX starting April 12th. (That’s another new Hollywood trend, premiering the movie in the more expensive IMAX form at an earlier date to boost opening revenue.)

Joining Cruise are Olga Kurylenko, Morgan Freeman, Andrea Riseborough, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and Melissa Leo

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Perhaps it’s a sign of the times, but TRON just isn’t as cool as it used to be. Or maybe it wasn’t ever. To wit, the ratings for the animated series prequel/sequel TRON: Uprising have kind of tanked sine the show premiered, and if there’s any hope at all for a season two, then it lies with you, the viewer, says producer Edward Kitsis.

Let’s go to the begging, already in progress:

“I don’t know what the future [of Tron: Uprising] is now. I know at the present, I can say we need more viewers. I’m so proud of that show and I love that show and anyone who watches it loves that show. The problem is, not enough people are watching it. And so I would love to sound the alarm, because I love the characters and the world and it’s really… It’s a shame that more people aren’t watching it, because I think they’re missing out.

At this point, I don’t believe its fate has been decided. So if people keep watching, then there’s still a chance. Please watch. Tell your friends!”

TRON: Uprising follows a young(?) program voiced by Elijah Wood who’s being trained by TRON to lead a rebellion. The story takes place between the original TRON and TRON Legacy. I haven’t seen the show, but even if it sucks only half as hard as TRON Legacy, that’s still twice as much suckage as I’m willing to tolerate.

How about you, Bastards. Are you going to let Kitsis’ begging persuade you to watch the show?

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Joseph Kosinski‘s got a lot of good will, not necessarily from how TRON Legacy turned out, but because he’s one of the few Hollywood directors that’s pushing legitimately visionary sci-fi. But has he gone off the rails a bit? In talking to MTV, Kosinski was asked about his upcoming new film Oblivion, and in progress made a pretty interesting comparison between his movie and other properties.

“I started writing this small character-driven science fiction story that was in the vein of those science fiction films of the 1970s that involved this lone survivor among the ruins of civilization, like ‘Mega Man’ or ‘Silent Running’ it was kind of in that vein. I thought if it was going to be my first movie it would have to be something very small and contained in order to even get a chance at pulling it off. So it’s the story of a drill repair man, Jack Harper, who is one of the last human beings left on earth after a massive war, which was the result of an alien invasion. Even though humankind won the war, Earth was left in such a state that we had to look for another place to settle, and Jack is left behind to monitor and secure the resource gathering operation that’s happening where we’re gathering the last bit of energy out of the earth’s seawater in order to move onto the next step.”

Kosinski also talked about the graphic novel inspiration for the film:

“That was the original treatment, the story. At the time I was ready to turn it into a screenplay, WGA went on strike and we couldn’t actually hire a screenwriter to work on a screenplay at that point. So in order to keep the process moving forward I teamed up with Radical Comics to develop and illustrate a novel in parallel based on this story. And we did that over a couple years, and then I got pulled into ‘Tron,’ which was a couple years, and as ‘Tron’ was in post [production] I had enough between the story and the illustrations I had done with Andre, the artist, I had enough of a package to go out and set the project up at a studio which is what I did. And then I went into feature mode so, we never actually finished the graphic novel because once it got picked up I realized that the way I wanted this story to be experienced was on the big screen and not out of the book.”

And he also talked about how he convinced leading man (and sci-fi mainstay) Tom Cruise to sign up for the film:

“It was our final Comic-Con for ‘Tron,’ and while I was showing the big Comic-Con trailer and we were doing our big song and dance for ‘Tron: Legacy,’ I was also launching an ashcan for ‘Oblivion’ which was just kind of like an introductory chapter with eight images at the Radical [Comics] booth. And the day after I got back from Comic-Con, I got a call from Tom’s agent saying that Tom had seen the ashcan and wanted to meet me and talk to me about it. I went over and met him at his hanger and I pitched him the full story ’cause he had just read that introductory beat there wasn’t a script at that point it was a story in my head. And I pitched him the whole story over about two hours and at the end of the meeting he said, ‘Let’s do this. I want to do this. I want to do this movie with you.’ … The role fits him like a glove. I just can’t imagine anyone else playing this character.”

Oblivion, starring Cruise, Olga Kurylenko, Andrea Riseborough, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and Melissa Leo will be in IMAX theaters on April 12 and regular theaters on April 19.

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Word is that Garrett Hedlund is all set to come back in the Tron: Legacy sequel (Tron 3 technically) as Sam Flynn. Last week Disney brought screenwriter Jesse Wigutow on board to handle the rewrite chores. Hedlund, when pressed by NextMovie, said:

“Yeah. Are we gonna break this now? Disney’s very excited,” he said of the project. “That’s about that. You know, yeah, I’m very excited, Disney’s very excited.”

Are you excited too? Tron: Legacy wasn’t a bad film, but it just didn’t capture the originals feel for me. Yes, I did see the original in the theater when it came out. I am that frackin’ old.

There’s no official word or even shakey rumor about the film’s plot or story line, but there’s sure to be mayhem in the digital realm. Joseph Kosinski is back to direct with principle photography to start sometime in 2014.

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There be rumblings again that another sequel to TRON is getting underway at Disney with the hiring of a new screenwriter.

Now sure, the reception to TRON Legacy wasn’t exactly glowing, but the film did end up making $400 million worldwide, and new Disney hefe Alan Horn is apparently a fan, so you know that that means: some random screenwriter with a couple of unproduced credits to his name gets the nod!

The writer’s name is Jesse Wigutow, and he has about four produced screenplays to his credit: two shorts, a TV movie and the 2003 feature/Douglas family vanity project It Runs in the Family. He’s also written the Summit Entertainment reboot of the Crow along with the adaptation of the Peter Pan origin novel  Peter and the Starcatchers and the script for Parallel, both of which are being supervised by TRON: Legacy co-producer Justin Springer.

Wigutow will be taking a stab at re-writing a draft penned by David DiGilio author of the script for the Paul Walker “comedy” Eight Below, and the conspiracy series Traveler. Legacy director Joseph Kosinski is still expected to direct a third TRON.

So if you’re a TRON fan this is progress, right? On the other hand, in order to beat the length of time between the last two TRON films, all they have to do is deliver sometime in the next quarter century. Plenty of time to get the script right.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

We’re still gearing up for The Avengers, but while Joss Whedon is thinking small regarding a possible sequel, rumor has it that Shane Black is thinking big for Iron Man 3.


According to Latino Review, Black is supposedly working toward adapting the Extremis story-line. That’s nano-bots, a tie to the Super Soldier Serum that turned Steve Rogers into Captain America, and a possible thematic shift back toward more real-world-relevant themes. How are nano-bots more real world than evil robot soldiers? Well they aren’t, but sadly a terrorist mounting an attack on US soil is, and in Extremis that is exactly what (Stark foe) Mallen does after being juiced up by the nano-bots. Tell me that isn’t a bit scarier than Mickey Rourke’s electric jump rope stunt in Monaco.

UK comic genius Warren Ellis created the Extremis story-line in 2005, and there is actually a nice little bit of coincidental symmetry there, since he will be working with Whedon on Wastelanders in the near future. Ellis also followed Whedon as writer on the Astonishing X-Men comic series re-launch a few years ago.

Iron Man 3 begins filming in May, obviously we haven’t yet reached the casting stage, though I imagine that shouldn’t be too far down the road. Any ideas on Mallen and Maya Hansen? How about Sal, Tony Stark’s hippie pal? Personally, I think Favreau blew it for us — no one plays a hippie like Jeff Bridges.

Source: Latino Review

Speaking of Jeff Bridges (see what I did there?), his Tron and Tron: Legacy co-star Bruce Boxleitner is getting a bit chatty about a possible Tron 3 in an interview with I Am Rogue.

It’s in the works. Anything could happen, but all I can say is, it’s in its formative stages. [JosephKosinski, who is slated for it, he’s shooting another movie now, and then they’ll get around to doing that. I think somewhere around 2014, maybe. I’m talking way out of school here, but they can’t shoot me because I’m Tron.

Tron: Legacy made $172 million at the US box office, just $2 million above it’s estimated production budget according to Box Office Mojo, but it did perform well in the international market, pulling in an additional $228 million for a grand total of $400 million. Is that enough to actually justify another chapter in the series and another wallet busting budget? Boxleitner thinks so, but I’m not fully convinced.  What do you think, will there be a third Tron, and if there is, do you care?

Source: Box Office Mojo

EDITORS NOTE: Article written by Nerd Bastards contributor Jason Tabrys

Did you hear the rumor about superstar hottie Olivia Wilde becoming the next Lara Croft, which ran amok over the weekend?

Olivia, whose recent nerd-cred has sprouted thanks to Tron: Legacy, Cowboys and Aliens, and most recently in the Andrew Niccol directed In Time was “confirmed” to be involved in the reboot by Brazilian site Cinepop. Well, you can chalk this up to Hollywood hootenanny, because Olivia answered the nagging question through everyone’s favorite 140 character news space, her Twitter account:

Now, don’t get us wrong or anything, a new Tomb Raider movie is going to happen soon — producer Graham King of GK Films won the rights to the film and is looking towards a release date sometime in 2013. Angelina Jolie, the original Lara Croft, has passed on throwing on another tight one-piece suit, so the leading lady role is still up for grabs.

While it kills my boner, I’m so glad this got debunked. She would have been horrible as ‘Lara Croft’.

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