Jared Leto has enjoyed a lot of infamy for the way he supposedly acted on the Suicide Squad set, going to bizarre levels of method acting by sending used condoms, dead rats and other disgusting bric-a-brac to castmates. But if the following news is true, it makes you wonder how he’ll get into character for a reboot of TRON. Will he be gifting old Atari joysticks? A Walkman with a broken rewind button, perhaps? Who can say with a weirdo like Leto, but one thing’s for sure, if the rumours are true and Disney‘s working on a new TRON with him at the centre, the people are going to have some strong feelings about it.  (more…)


TRON 3. No, wait! Don’t run away! Look, I think many us might concede that TRON: Legacy was a bit of a disappointment; 18 years of hype will do that. You may recall that at the time there were all these great expectations about TRON becoming Disney‘s next great franchise: movie trilogies, animated series, theme park rides, video games and merch, merch more. However, that’s not how it all turned out, and since those early days following TRON: Legacy‘s release in December 2010, the idea of a third TRON has been more or less speculative as opposed to being something in actual development. But is that about to change? Film location insiders in Vancouver are saying, it might be. (more…)


Tron: Legacy wasn’t as good of a film as it could have been; weak on story telling and what not. Criticisms aside, it was still a fun movie with stunning visuals, exhilarating thrills and a pulse pounding soundtrack. The world and general idea of Tron is something most fans want to see more of (more Olivia Wilde in a skin tight light suit, come on son!). A third Tron film has been in talks for a while. We know Disney and director Joseph Kosinski are plotting away with the possibility. At the pace they’re going, however, it seems it’ll be another 28 years before another film will actually happen. Giving a more solid update comes Once Upon a Time creator and Legacy writer, Adam Horowitz who says (via Forbes) plans for the third film are indeed still moving forward: (more…)


In 1982, there was a quaint little Disney film by the name of Tron.  It captured the imaginations of many during its time and created more than a few long-standing fans.  More than 25 years later, in 2010, Disney sought to capitalize off this and put out a sequel called Tron: Legacy.  They even did a single-season animated Tron series on television.  And now, the rumors surrounding a possible third Tron flick look to be a little more solid.  Check it out after the jump…



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Above: It’s good to see Disney is putting their ownership of the Star Wars franchise to good use, like making their princesses jedi knights. Ok, they didn’t, but Ralph Sevelius did. [Nerrrding]

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Perhaps it’s a sign of the times, but TRON just isn’t as cool as it used to be. Or maybe it wasn’t ever. To wit, the ratings for the animated series prequel/sequel TRON: Uprising have kind of tanked sine the show premiered, and if there’s any hope at all for a season two, then it lies with you, the viewer, says producer Edward Kitsis.

Let’s go to the begging, already in progress:

“I don’t know what the future [of Tron: Uprising] is now. I know at the present, I can say we need more viewers. I’m so proud of that show and I love that show and anyone who watches it loves that show. The problem is, not enough people are watching it. And so I would love to sound the alarm, because I love the characters and the world and it’s really… It’s a shame that more people aren’t watching it, because I think they’re missing out.

At this point, I don’t believe its fate has been decided. So if people keep watching, then there’s still a chance. Please watch. Tell your friends!”

TRON: Uprising follows a young(?) program voiced by Elijah Wood who’s being trained by TRON to lead a rebellion. The story takes place between the original TRON and TRON Legacy. I haven’t seen the show, but even if it sucks only half as hard as TRON Legacy, that’s still twice as much suckage as I’m willing to tolerate.

How about you, Bastards. Are you going to let Kitsis’ begging persuade you to watch the show?

Source: Blastr

Word is that Garrett Hedlund is all set to come back in the Tron: Legacy sequel (Tron 3 technically) as Sam Flynn. Last week Disney brought screenwriter Jesse Wigutow on board to handle the rewrite chores. Hedlund, when pressed by NextMovie, said:

“Yeah. Are we gonna break this now? Disney’s very excited,” he said of the project. “That’s about that. You know, yeah, I’m very excited, Disney’s very excited.”

Are you excited too? Tron: Legacy wasn’t a bad film, but it just didn’t capture the originals feel for me. Yes, I did see the original in the theater when it came out. I am that frackin’ old.

There’s no official word or even shakey rumor about the film’s plot or story line, but there’s sure to be mayhem in the digital realm. Joseph Kosinski is back to direct with principle photography to start sometime in 2014.

Via: Next Movie

There be rumblings again that another sequel to TRON is getting underway at Disney with the hiring of a new screenwriter.

Now sure, the reception to TRON Legacy wasn’t exactly glowing, but the film did end up making $400 million worldwide, and new Disney hefe Alan Horn is apparently a fan, so you know that that means: some random screenwriter with a couple of unproduced credits to his name gets the nod!

The writer’s name is Jesse Wigutow, and he has about four produced screenplays to his credit: two shorts, a TV movie and the 2003 feature/Douglas family vanity project It Runs in the Family. He’s also written the Summit Entertainment reboot of the Crow along with the adaptation of the Peter Pan origin novel  Peter and the Starcatchers and the script for Parallel, both of which are being supervised by TRON: Legacy co-producer Justin Springer.

Wigutow will be taking a stab at re-writing a draft penned by David DiGilio author of the script for the Paul Walker “comedy” Eight Below, and the conspiracy series Traveler. Legacy director Joseph Kosinski is still expected to direct a third TRON.

So if you’re a TRON fan this is progress, right? On the other hand, in order to beat the length of time between the last two TRON films, all they have to do is deliver sometime in the next quarter century. Plenty of time to get the script right.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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ABOVE: 500 lb life size Darth Vader Cake. He was served at the 501st Legion Banquet on Friday night as part of the Star Wars Celebration VI event. Also of note is Vader’s light saber, which was a single, solid piece of watermelon flavored poured sugar. Impressive. [OakleadCakes]


Disney’s latest addition to the TRON world, TRON: Uprising, takes this classic into the realm of cartoons to continue…er, add to the story that fans have seen thus far.  The new cartoon will take place in the gap between the first TRON (1982) and TRON: Legacy (2010) and will not, as far as we’ve been told, be featuring a creepy CGI-headed Jeff Bridges.  It will, if the trailers are a good representation of what’s to come, be pretty freakin’ awesome.

The story will follow a program named Beck (voiced by Elijah Wood).  Beck is a mechanic on The Grid whose friend is killed by evil-bad-guy Clu and his evil-bad-guy henchman General Tesler.  In order to get revenge, Beck trains under the legendary Tron, takes on his identity and devotes himself to freeing the Grid from its overabundance of evil-bad-guys.

Here is Disney’s latest trailer to tease you and make you want to watch it:

Though we all know how this ends if we’ve seen TRON: Legacy, it still looks to be a pretty amazing production.  Personally, I’m praying to every God whose name I can Google that Disney decided to keep the Daft Punk epic soundtrack.

A prelude to the show, titled TRON Uprising: Beck’s Beginning will be airing on the Disney Channel on May 18th and the full series will begin on Disney XD on Thursday, June 7th.


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