True Blood Season 4 Teaser

Witches, Panthers, and Vampires, Oh my! In this new trailer, for the widely popular HBO show True Blood, Sheriff Eric Northman takes center stage. As the vampires try to win back the human public, witches come into Bon Temps while Sookie is out and about with the Fairies. All the vamps will get new looks, and story lines that may unhinge your jaw permanently.

Everyone looks so delectable in this new trailer, and it’s not only appealing to the eye but leaves us very curious with each of the characters who are shown in precarious situations. Are you excited for Season 4, and how do you feel about the witches coming into play?

Leave your thoughts and comments below ‘cause nobody wants to have the vamps watching them through their windows because they didn’t comment. Well, I’m sure nobody would mind if their favorite vamp was watching, but whatever….put stuff in the box!



It’s getting close to that most vamp-tastic season, the long-awaited return of the bittingly good True Blood on HBO this summer!

Leading up to the eventual summer premiere, HBO has already begun to vamp up its publicity wagon with a short (and I mean really friggin’ short) teaser for True Blood season 4. It appears that this season is about to get interesting, with the addition of witches to the True Blood mythology. The teaser can be found below the jump.

For those who have forgotten (SPOILER ALERT!), the end of last season was Sookie truly embrace her fairy heritage and disappear after learning that her entire relationship with Bill was a lie.

Regardless of what happens next, we can be sure of three things: More blood, more skin and a hell of a lot more violence.

Something wicked this way comes indeed …