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The Epic Conspiracy Theory Behind ‘Stranger Things’

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Captivating Netflix subscribers the world over, Stranger Things has filled a gap in pop culture that a lot of people hadn’t noticed until it came along. The characters are well written and incredibly acted and the story rolls out its mysteries with perfect pacing. A group of kids in a rural town get swept up in a dark secret that has a whiff of government conspiracy mixed with a grim, otherworldly horror. What’s not to love about that? As if it couldn’t get any better, the creators have let something even juicier slip – it’s all based on a true story. (more…)

Yeah. You read that right.

Árni Johnsen, who’s a member of the Icelandic Parliament, was in a car accident in 2010, but according to him it wasn’t luck that saved him, but a group of friendly elves that lived in a boulder by the side of the highway. As a thank you, Johnsen is moving the 30-ton boulder home of the elves to the yard of  his home in Höfðaból, where they will live with a neighboring colony of elves in Johnsen’s backyard.

To prove this isn’t entirely B.S., here’s a quote from Morgunblaðið, a newspaper in Iceland:

I had Ragnhildur Jónsdóttir, a specialist in the affairs of elves from Álfagarðurinn in Hellisgerði, Hafnarfjörður, to come look at the boulder with me […] She said it was incredible, that she had never met three generations of elves in the same boulder before […]

She said an elderly couple lives on the upper floor but a young couple with three children on the lower floor […] But they asked whether the boulder could stand on grass. I said that was no problem but asked why they wanted grass. ‘It’s because they want to have sheep.’

Do you get the feeling that if Mitt Romney or Barack Obama were involved in a story like this that the U.S. media would take it at face value? Or would Anderson Cooper call Dr Drew to call bat $#!% on the situation?

Johnsen went on to talk about the luxury the elves would travel in, and what happened on the night of his accident.

The boulder will be moved on the ferry Herjólfur and the elves will travel in a basket lined with sheep skin so that they can be comfortable on the journey.

Ragnhildur explained to Árni that when he was in the accident everything went crazy on Hellisheiði. Elves from all neighboring settlements were called out and there was much confusion until one large being took control of the situation.

Well, no matter how you feel about the facts of the story, at least we can appreciate a good news story about a politician for a change.

Source: Geekologie