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Franchise rivalry is nothing new. DC Comics and Marvel have had a long-standing tiff, and even Star Wars and Star Trek have been known to lock horns in the hearts and minds of fans for decades now. But DC and Star Wars? They don’t have a beef with each other, right? Well maybe the franchises don’t, but directors J.J. Abrams and Zack Snyder seem to have at least a friendly game of one-upmanship so far as Twitter pranks go. The latest of which is a little surprise that the Star Wars Episode VII crew have for the gang from Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice. A salute from one hunka junk to another.

The official Bad Robot Twitter feed sent this out earlier today.  (more…)

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Late last night some images of the Batmobile from Zach Snyder‘s Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice started popping up on the Internet. A couple popped up and then were quickly deleted by the user. No word if those were voluntary removals or someone shot out a quick Cease and Desist or they just thought their job might be threatened by the posting of the pictures. We’ve scrapped the bottom of the Internet and found those images and brought them for you all together here! (more…)

What is it these days with movie spoilers coming out of toy tie-ins? First we had The Lizard debuting as a PEZ dispenser, then the possibility of seeing the Red Skull in The Avengers, and now we know what Batman’s new ariel, bat-themed mode of transportation is officially called.

You ready?

It’s called…The Bat.

Does everyone else’s mind jump to Hank Venture dressed in an awful Batman costume, running through the halls of Baron Ünderbheit’s fortress in Ünderland, saying, “I am the bat.” No? Just me? Okay.

Wireless Goodness released the FCC filing, wherein three mockups of new Hot Wheels‘ products were remote-controlled toy cars from The Dark Knight Rises. The first two are the Tumbler and the Bat-pod, but the third is what us and the rest of the Internet had been calling the Batwing. Which it’s not. It’s The Bat.

And, y’know what? Hank Venture aside, it sounds pretty badass to me. What do you think of, The Bat?

Source: Splash Page

I know a lot of people are feeling overwhelmed due to the sheer amount of The Dark Knight Rises spoilers flooding the interwebz. I’m exhilirated! Besides, it’s been proven spoilers don’t affect your enjoyment of something. And I’m still theorizing we’re only being shown the tip of the iceberg with all these sneaks and peaks. Christopher Nolan still has lots of surprises in store.

To spare those sick and tired of all the Bat-spoilers, click the jump.


Recently posted on Twitter was a set photo from The Dark Knight Rises which might give us a clue as to what other vehicles Christopher Nolan has in store for the Dark Knight. And no, it’s not another Tumbler with a silly new paintjob, but it might be related. This looks like the Tumbler’s aircraft brethren. What people are suspecting they see here is possibly the Nolanverse version of the Batwing.

Click the image to embiggen, it’s really the only way to get a proper look.

Hmm, I wonder if this means the all those desert storm Tumblers we saw before aren’t Batman’s at all. Could Wayne Tech be developing tank cars for other organizations?

What do you think? It’s looks suspiciously like an aircraft of some sort, is it the Batwing?

source: /Film

And what is this first glimpse of footage?! It’s a nice, quality video of Joseph Gordon-Levitt walking across the street a couple times! Awesome, I mean, wha-!?

So…uh, this is really two minutes of him walking, back and forth, across some dinky road in Pittsburgh? Lame. Regardless, give it a watch below.

We know Levitt is playing cop, John Blake, assigned to a special mission by Commissioner Gordon, but is that all he is? In the video you’ll notice he’s carrying a gasoline tank as the new, fancy, completely un-fuckin-necessarry, desert camo Batmobile cruises ahead. What could this mean? Is he just providing a fill-up or is there something more sinister going on here?

Now, recently,  I was listening to the newest Hollywood Babble-On podcast with Kevin Smith and Ralph Garman (It’s really effin’ funny, you should listen, too) and they brought up an interesting point. Smith mentioned how surprised he was by the amount of spoilery footage we’ve been able to see online from The Dark Knight Rises set, and it’s true, there seems to have been more leaked about this film than any Christopher Nolan film before. So why are we seeing so much shit leaked out of what is a famously, very closed set?

Smith’s theory is it’s the ole’ bait and switch. If Bane is really the “big bad” of Rises, why are we already seeing him fight Batman? That’s showing your cards waaaay too soon. Which is where Smith draws his conclusion, Bane’s not orchestrating any of this, he’s working for someone else, who? SLIGHT SPOILER, Ra’s al Ghul.

I think it’s a solid theory, what do you guys think, and what are your thoughts on Levitt’s involvement?

source: Geek Tyrant