There’s be quite a bit of discussion in the comic book community of late, and it goes beyond the usual debates on best characters, creators, publishers, etc. Lately there’s been a growing discourse about gender, diversity, sexuality, audience and the like. And it’s great! In my opinion anyway, because while such open debate and discussion can sure bring out the ugliness in fandom it also forces these important topics to the forefront.

Add in the ability to quickly and easily reach out to comic book creators through social media and this open discourse about comics only expands and gains clout. As was the case with a recent exchange on writer Brian Michael BendisTumblr. Bendis, as many of you may know, is one of Marvel’s top writers credited with the creation of Ultimate Spider-Man, having written for dozens of Avengers books, and most recently working his magic on the X-Men titles. Basically, when it comes to Marvel and its universe the dude knows it inside and out. So when one fan had the most pressing question about the current state of comics they reached out to Bendis,


Batman : The Dark Knigh Rises is pushing pretty hard on the PR leaks. This is no mistake, they want to build up the hype for the last movie of the Nolan Batman series. So, let’s get started with the character that has been getting the most buzz recently, Catwoman.


After an interestingly confrontational interview with MTV on the negative/positive feedback from the outfit reveal, a source gives the Daily Mail a positive appeal to fans that this new Catwoman’s will be the sexiest we’ve ever seen. Here an excerpt of their report:

“…Meanwhile, Anne, who changed into a pale yellow dress for the film’s[One Day] after-party,  is taking the transformation into Catwoman pretty seriously. The actress, who follows both Halle Berry and Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman, is said to have been putting in some intense preparation for the role. A source told the Mail: ‘Anne is working out five days a week. She’s taking it very seriously and wants her body in tip-top condition. ‘Secretly she hopes to upstage Halle Berry, who last played Catwoman. She’s doing dance classes, weight-training and cardio – she wants to be the sexiest Catwoman ever.”

To just put in my two cents, I think that with the current footage released of the stunt double in action, it won’t be hard for Hathaway to beat Halle Berry , ‘cause no offense, but Halle Berry was just a woman in a bondage outfit. I always call that Catwoman rendition, “She who shall not be named.” Secondly, if you notice they do not mention her outshining Michelle Pheifer. (hehe ‘cause she can’t) Anyways, below is some youtube footage of the stunt double in action, along with some clearer shots of the outfit. No offense Hathaway, but it’s just a rip off of Marvel’s Black Widow outfit…you can’t see any surprise hiding in that material.