Twilight: Eclipse


It’s no secret that we at nerdbastards hate Twilight with a passion (except for our writer Blake Stevenson. He’s like soooo Team Edward. Don’t worry he’s been flogged for this trespass and for being Canadian). We rant and rave our ill feelings for both the novels (crap fiction and atrocious writing) and the movies (crap depiction of crap fiction and atrocious writing) on a pretty consistent basis (Come on, making jokes at the expense of Twilight never gets old), but not today . Today we love Twilight. The Twilight Photoshop contest on, that is. (haha, had you fooled there for a sec.)

Holy Taco challenged readers to use Photoshop to make Twilight: Eclipse into a watchable movie.  They asked readers to pick a scene from Twilight to trick people like us into thinking it might be worth watching. Of, course users didn’t really adhere to this idea and just did whatever they wanted. And, damn if they didn’t come up with the funniest and most clever ideas.

After the jump are the 19 best submissions Holytaco received. Click on thru to for the funny.

source: holytaco via neatogeek



Here’s a fun, Nintendo-esque homage to the Twilight Saga movie, Eclipse, which opened yesterday. Just save yourself the 2 hours of agony and $10 by checking out the more satisfying 8-Bit Interactive YouTube game instead.

I haven’t seen latest installment of The Twilight Saga yet, but if it’s anything like the route I wound up on while playing game, it ends with Victoria killing Jacob and then Bella.

Watch the video, and choose which action the character should take by clicking on the option you want. Then, a new video loads with the next step in the interactive narrative. It’s pretty cool.