Twilight New Moon

Twads – Twilight Dads Anonymous

As the Twilight craze continues to sweep the nation. 

Twilight Moms are free to express their love for the beloved Saga.

Twilight Dads gather in secret to enjoy all that the series has to offer.

That’s the YouTube description for the Twads – Twilight Dads Anonymous video put together by Mangokale of Safety Scissors Productions. You might remember the Star Wars video they did last year.  I must say that I was a little worried when I got the email with this video attached. It’s not much of a secret how I feel about sparkling vampires and werewolves that can’t keep their shirts on. The video did not disappoint.

51O9M7WT6vL._SL500_AA300_After a week hiatus, its another Tuesday and we got DVDs coming out as usual. Now if you don’t how this works its pretty much your one stop place to come and see if you should do the following with the newly released DVD: Buy, Rent, or Pass. Yeah, it may not be original but what isn’t on the internet, we just hope we be the site you come and read for your DVD info or else we all here will cry…well, I’ll cry if that matters. Anyways, check after the break to see whats coming (heh, coming) out. (more…)


With some much needed zeal and vigor our economy could use some Force behind it to make some changes. And who better to make some of those changes than the main man instituting the doctrine of fear ringing the opening bell on Wall Street…No, not George Bush and Dick Cheney…Darth Vader and an entourage of Clone Troopers were in attendance to start up the New York Stock Exchange.

Although the reasoning behind Vader of all characters to Ring the Bell is sort of cryptic, what with no Star Wars anything being released, it is as timeless now as it was then. My theory is, he felt the Dark Side in many stockbrokers and felt the “force was strong” with one in particular and is looking for a new apprentice and together they will “Rule the galaxy!”….

……Hell, it least it wasn’t a sparkly Robert Pattenson.

Twilight New Moon Tickets Hit Pre-Sale

Twilight New Blood has prereleased tickets over 2 whole months before the films Nov19 midnight release.

THR reports;

Carmike Cinemas is offering tickets to midnight Nov. 19 performances of “New Moon” at select theaters through Fandango. The Columbus, Ga.-based exhibitor — which operates 247 theaters in small and midsize markets nationwide — will offer “New Moon” tickets at 63 theaters listed on the online ticketer’s Web site.

A Fandango spokesman said it was too early to track ticket sales from the initiative.

Wow! So looks like we have a new something to replace Harry Potter for this tween vamp romp. Twilight is NOT a vampire series! True Blood is an innovative new TAKE on vampires. The old school Dracula and Lestat and all those OG’s? They got it right. Twilight was written as if the author had never HEARD of a vampire……As you can see, I’m a vampire enthusiast.

Summit has released a few more new images from its upcoming vampire sequel The Twilight Saga: New Moon, featuring the Volturi clan, which you can view after the jump.

The images feature Christopher Heyerdahl as Marcus, Michael Sheen as Aro, Dakota Fanning as Jane, Jamie Campbell Bower as Caius, Cameron Bright as Alec, Charlie Bewley as Demetri and Ashley Greene as Alice Cullen